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Much needed update! Derp.

Hey guys!

Yeah, I’ve been pretty bad about updating this website, but I’ve been around! The trip to Japan was loads of fun. I have been thinking about posting a report on it, but I’m not so sure yet. It was pretty cold. Cold by the standards of a resident southern Californian, that is.

Things have been rather busy on my end of things, though I really wished I could gather up some free time to record a song or two… I really miss doing that. I’ve had less opportunities for it since I work a full time job now.

In any case, as mentioned in the previous update, I’m still slowly updating the links section. At some point, I may just break it off into its own page… Waahhhh.

I have a lot of news to update about, but I’m not ready to release just yet, so I really appreciate your patience. I know there are a couple of people who kind of come back to this page, I think, and I do notice.

Did everyone have a good winter break/Christmas/holiday/New Year? The Lunar New Year is coming soon. I hope those of you who celebrate it get those neat red envelopes!

A belated ???????????



I’m still alive. Sorry for my long absence! I decided to at least update so that people know I’m still around and active. (Yeah, I’ve been working on some things, but it will be a little while before I can post anything up.)

I’ll be taking a trip to Japan today for a little while and attending Winter Comiket.

I’ve been updating my links side bar for a little while now, so be sure to stop by some of those pages if you can.

Hope everyone’s had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year!