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Tokyo – 東京

As you all may know, I have lived in a few different places since moving to Japan.

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EastNewSound’s “Auxiliary Brightness” (C83)

Hey, everyone!

EastNewSound’s C83 album, “Auxiliary Brightness”, is going to be released at Winter Comiket on December 30, 2012!
EastNewSoundのC83アルバム「Auxiliary Brightness」は今回の冬コミの2目日発売します!!

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to write lyrics for kirin’s arrange, whom the lovely kalon. provided vocals for. It is the 8th track called “Desire”.

“Desire” – 東方風神録より  “人恋し神様 ~ Romantic Fall”
Lyrics: Renko
Vocals: kalon.
Arrange: kirin
“Desire” is a dance song that might make you think of a party with bright, sparkling lights. It was a lot of fun to write. Most of it surrounds the feelings of such a fun night, perhaps…?

I’m really excited to have the chance to work with this group!

Please be sure to stop by the album’s page to have a look!

C82 Report! 夏コミ82レポート!

I can’t believe summer Comiket has already come and gone. Is it already over? Really? I don’t believe it. I feel like I’m still getting ready for C82!

Everyone, good work!

How was everyone’s Comiket? I hope everyone enjoyed it!

I definitely enjoyed it!

I… I still can’t believe we’ve released our 2nd full album… Did we really release our 2nd album? Really? It’s not a dream, is it…? Someone pinch me!

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FELT’s “Little Planet” (C82)

Hey, everyone!

A new piece of good news for you all!

FELT’s 8th full album, “Little Planet”, is going to be released at Summer Comiket (C82) on August 11, 2012!
FELTの8作目アルバム「Little Planet」は今回の夏コミ82の2目日発売します!!

This time I have written lyrics for two songs for track 3 and 7, “Once Upon a Love” and “Sweet Poison”.
“In The End” gets an amazing remix for track 4, a Paralleled Resonance Version! Again, the amazing Maurits”神”Cornelis arranged the tracks and the lovely Vivienne provided the vocals.
今回二つの歌詞を書きました!3番、7番の曲です!4番の曲は”In The End (Paralleled Resonance version)”です!レミックスです!

“Once Upon a Love” – 東方花映塚より  “六十年目の東方裁判 ~ Fate of Sixty Years” (Yamaxanadu Shikieki)
Lyrics: Renko
Vocals: Vivienne
Chorus: Vivienne & W.nova
Arrange: Maurits”神”Cornelis
“Once Upon a Love” is about how when you fall in love, that world easily becomes just something for you and the person you love. That’s what becomes colorful, but there are many things that aren’t just “black and white”… It’s important to be there for that person and that love will add those wonderful colors to your life. While the love you had might have been endless before, that person still stays on your mind. This doesn’t mean you aren’t together anymore, though! But you definitely have nothing to fear with someone by your side.

“Sweet Poison” – 東方文花帖より  “風の循環 ~ Wind Tour”” (Shameimaru Aya)
Lyrics: Renko
Vocals: Vivienne
Chorus: Vivienne & W.nova
Arrange: Maurits”神”Cornelis
“Sweet Poison” is about how love is the sweetest poison. Even though things are dim and dark, even though you can’t see any future, you still fall for it and become so addicted. Nothing else can compare to that feeling. Though it doesn’t always mean that it’s a .. bad.. poison per se. Either way, you fall and you fall and it falls farther and farther from your reach. But, ah, it’s so bittersweet… You just want to drown yourself in it… Doesn’t this remind you a little of a previous song..?

I’m just as excited about this release as last time, and I’m very happy to work with FELT again. I’m so fortunate! Their music is always so great to listen to. It’s always expressive and wonderful…

Please be sure to stop by the album’s page to have a look!

Reitaisai 9 Report 例大祭9★レポート

Hello everyone! I returned home late last night, so I haven’t had time to write about Reitaisai.

Actually, I’m really unreliable about writing these after-event reports, but I really want to try to be more active about it… especially to offer some English-speaking Touhou fans (and others interested in the doujin community and their events) a window into this world. As for trying to write it in Japanese, it’s good practice for me and offers a different viewpoint from someone who was originally from abroad and has limited Japanese ability. Something like that!
実は、イベントレポート書くこと結構頼りにならないですw でももっと頑張りたいです!英語話の東方ファン(と同人コミュニティ・イベント興味あるの人)のために書きたい!後も日本語で書くは練習のためにです。日本語下手のアメリカ人の視点ですww なんとなくw U^q^)

In any case! Here’s a photo of my table earlier on during the event:

I arrived at Big Sight later than expected because I lost my Suica card in Tokyo Station (it was in my Homura pass holder, which is gone as well) and I was trying to find it.
東京駅でスイカとほむらちゃんパスホルダーなくなちゃったからビッグサイトに遅くて到着しました!w U;w;)

I cosplayed Marisa, but it was really hot… My friend, Ayano, cosplayed Flandre and helped at my table. She was really cute! A lot of people came to visit my table. I’m sorry if people came to see me after 1:30PM, because I left to greet some circles and friends…! I also got to meet more music circles. I’m really happy to have met so many new people!
私が魔理沙をコスプレしましたですけど暑かったww あやのさんは私の売り子さんです。フランドールをコスプレしました。超可愛かったっす!色々な人々が私のスペースに行ったです!13:30時の後できましたの人、ごめんね!私がその時に他のサークルと友達に挨拶しました!今回も色々なかっこよかったな音楽サークルを会いました!本当皆と一緒にあえて嬉しかったです!

Two really amazing music circles were right next to us…! The Shishimai Brothers and Tamaonsen… I really admire them! (DauGe of the Shishimai Brothers really surprised me! His English is really amazing. If only my Japanese could be as good as his English…!)

I wonder if I’ll get to do collaborations with more music circles someday? It’d be lovely!

I didn’t have a lot of time to greet everyone and I had to rush to change my cosplay…
時間が少なかったから挨拶はちょっと厳しかったですwwww 急いでコスプレから着替えた...

Around 3:45PM, the song congratulating ZUN on his marriage started. Because I was in the music circle area, I heard some people singing, and I tried it, too…/// I heard that in other areas, no one really sang.
15:45時ぐらいでZUNさんに結婚おめでとうの曲始まりました。音楽サークルエリアにいましたから歌うの人がいましたw ちょっと歌ってみたw/// 他のエリアあんまり歌ってなかったと聞いた。

I really enjoyed the event! I think cosplaying will be something I do only once in a while from now on because it’s a little difficult and hectic to do so at events in Japan because of the rules and having to change at the event venue for only part of the day… especially when you have your own circle to run! (In America, you can wear your cosplay to the venue and the convention runs all day. A lot of freedom, isn’t it?)
イベントが本当に楽しんでしました!コスプレはたぶん時々だけのことですww 難しいと大変っす...日本のイベントのコスルールはちょっと厳しいと思いますw イベントエリア中着替えて、この時間からその時間までだけですとか、後も終日じゃないです。特に自分のサークルがありますなら結構大変っす!(アメリカのイベントはコスが自分の家・ホテルで着替えて、イベントに行く。イベントも終日です。結構自由っすね?)

I’m really tired but was really fun! Good work, everyone!

I want to buy a portable CD player some time so I can listen to all these amazing CDs on the bus rides home…!
ポータブルCDプレーヤー欲しいなw このすごいなアルバムがハイウェイバス乗るの時に聞きたいですから!

To the people who came to give me their compliments and support, I’m very thankful. Everyone is so kind! I’ll do my best for summer Comiket!

A Series of Updates~


I know I haven’t been regularly updating the website. U。w゜)

I’m trying to write up some stuff that’s happened since December. I get a little lazy about it, but I really want to post more, even about silly stuff.

I haven’t even posted about the other albums I’ve been involved in helping recently, either… oops! U^q^)

I’ll try to write the entries in Japanese, too, when I can. Please forgive my poor Japanese! orz



ごめんね!ゆっくり12月からの事を書きたいですw 色々あったから全部ブローグに入りたいな!大切な思い出、意味は無いの思い出w

最近手伝うのアルバム事も発表しませんだな!おっとw U^q^)

後もエントリを日本語で書いて見ます。下手な日本語ゆるしてくださいねww orz

Silver Drive

Hi, everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been pretty busy preparing for Comiket 81.

A new piece of good news for you all!

FELT’s 6th full album, “Silver Drive”, is going to be released at Winter Comiket (C81) on December 30, 2011!
FELTの6作目アルバム「Silver Drive」は今回の冬コミの2目日発売します!!

This time I have written lyrics for two songs for track 3 and 5, “Light My Life” and “In The End”. Again, the amazing Maurits”神”Cornelis arranged the tracks and the lovely Vivienne provided the vocals.

“Light My Life” – 東方星蓮船より “万年置き傘にご注意を” (Kogasa’s Theme)
“Light My Life” is a sparkling song about the wonder of being in love and surpassing our limits with the person we love. Even if we fall or hesitate, we just need to believe in ourselves and receive the support that our special someone offers to us. Open yourself up to each other and appreciate that person. If we can do that, we can definitely soar across the sky! Light my life!

“In The End” – 東方紅魔郷より “ヴワル魔法図書館” (Koakuma’s Theme)
“In The End” is about taking the chance of being with someone through hardships and uncertainty. When you really care for someone… falling in love. Sometimes there’s a chance that it’s one-sided in many different ways. Sometimes you feel unsure about how the other person feels. In the end, love can be so fragile, but even as fragile as it is, it can be the strongest thing. If it ends, you still carry those memories and feelings with you, even if you move on. Either way, you try your best, you want to be their number one (in the non-crazy, non-possessive way). Spending time with them and experiencing different things together is a wonderful thing.

I’m just as excited about this release as last time, and I’m very happy to work with FELT again. I’m so fortunate! Their music is always so great to listen to. Just the instrumentation itself feels so expressive.

Please be sure to check out the album  here:

It’s definitely a wonderful album and I recommend it! You’ll buy it, right? Uのwの)

ORANGE★JAM so-matic (オレンジ★ジャム)

Here’s a “preview” of my new avatar. She’s unrelated to puppy Renko. Puppy Renko is a mascot, vs this being an avatar of me. これは自分のアバタープレビューです。これと犬れんこが関係ないです。犬れんこはマスコット、アバターれんこは私です。

Many thanks to Yuki for the design and artwork! ユキさんにすごく感謝です!これはユキさんの設計と描画です。(゜w゜)!

This is actually something related to my music circle, which I haven’t really talked about now that I think about it. 実はこれと自分の音楽サークルの関係がある、でもなんかそれはまだちゃんと説明しませんですよね?(^w^);;

The circle’s name is 「ORANGE★JAM」 for short. “so-matic” is pretty much “so automatic”. It’s a Touhou arrange circle in the R&B, house, pop, ballad genre. Currently, the only other members are the composer, Surasshu (who will henceforth be known as Sour), and the main illustrator, Shuutah. There are other artists who also help O★J, but I will introduce them later! サークルのショート名前は「オレンジ★ジャム」です。「ソーマティク」の意味は「so」と「automatic」です。これは東方アレンジサークル、ジャンルはR&B,ハウス、ポップ、バラードです。今他のメンバーはコンポーザさん、スラッシュさん(これからは「サワーさんです」)、イラストさんはシューターさんです。他の手伝うのイラストさんたちもあるけど後で紹介する!

★ We are still looking for another composer. We also need a sound engineer in Japan. 今もう一つのコンポーザさんが欲しいです。日本にいるのサウンドエンジニアさんもう欲しいです。

I’ve applied for Winter Comiket 81, so here’s hoping we get in! 冬コミ81もう申し込むを送信しました!わーい!(^q^)ノ

Blue Drop

Good news everyone! ヽU^q^)ノ
FELT’s 4th full album, “Blue Drop”, is due to be released at Summer Comiket on Day 2 (Aug. 13, 2011)!

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to write the lyrics for Track 7, a song called “One More Time”. It’s my first time participating in the music doujinshi scene and my first time writing original lyrics, so I’m a little nervous. (But I am really excited!)

I still can’t believe it! It’s like a “Really?!” feeling. U@w@)!?
It feels really surreal… so sometimes I think, “Oh, did I actually write this?! Is this a dream?”

It was a really fun process. I’m extremely thankful for this chance. I hope I can write more lyrics in the future for the music doujin scene!

The lovely Vivienne provides the vocals for this wonderful arrangement by Maurits“禅“Cornelis. The original song is Saigyouji Yuyuko’s theme in Ten Desires, “Ghost Lead” (東方神霊廟より “ゴーストリード”). It’s an amazing combination! I’m extremely excited! ((U゜w゜))

What is the song about? A passionate love between two girls…! A burning love! U^q^)

I hope everyone enjoys the CD! I think “Blue Drop” is wonderful!

Please be sure to get the CD and give it a listen! U^w^)ノ
Please look forward to it!


FELTの4作目アルバム「Blue Drop」は今回の夏コミの2目日発売します!!

幸あるなチャンスで7番曲「One More Time」の歌詞書けました!初めて音楽同人誌シーン参加すると初めてオリジナル歌詞書けましたからちょっと緊張ですw (でもわくわく過ぎるw)

まだ信じられない!「マジですか!?」な感じw U@w@)!?


素敵なVivienneさんはこのアレンジのヴォーカルズ、素晴らしいなアレンジするはMaurits“禅”Cornelis!オリジナル曲は西行寺幽々子の「東方神霊廟より “ゴーストリード”」. 驚天動地コンビネーションだ! 超ハイテンションです!((U゜w゜))


皆CDの事喜んでが欲しい。「Blue Drop」は素晴らしいなCDと思う!


Music Page

I’m considering taking down some older songs. A few of them are a little iffy on the quality side, or just too old, and it kind of  bothers me.

So far, I may consider taking these down:
1. Artificial Children
2. Kiseki
4. Candy☆Boy
5. Let Go

If there are any on this list you’d like me to keep on the music page/sample player, please let me know and I’ll consider it! (More convincing if you let me know why.)