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Food, San Diego, and Crazy Drivers

Yesterday, I took a drive down to San Diego to visit a good friend of mine while dropping something off with him. The lunch we had at Nozomi was pretty good, although I think dinner at Tajima blew it straight out of the water. Delicious ramen at a deliciously good price… And you can add grated garlic, to boot! It really brings out more flavor in the ramen, though the Tajima Original flavor (Tonkotsu, I believe) was already tasty to the point of happiness. ?????~???

They had Katsudon or something there, too, so I hope I can try that some time… but I am very much inclined to order the ramen, still.

I got some stuff done here and there while I was there, too, and I had a pretty good time. I’ll continue working on tidbits today if I’m not too tired… Someone suddenly called me out and took me to the thrift store to look for cosplay items.

… Not to mention the fact that driving one way to or from San Diego is about 2 hours long or more. I drove back at night and I had already been tired cause I got up at 8:00am. I’m glad I wasn’t really drowsy and got some tapioca milk tea at Tapioca Express so I had something to sip and chew on if I felt the need to do something to prevent possible sleepiness. To and from San Diego, there were some big SUVs that had amazingly strong headlights or high beam lights in the day and night and at night, one decided to follow me obnoxiously for a period of time. Then there was this minivan with some family and kids watching a DVD that tried to out-speed me or something weird. (Drivers are getting kind of aggressive here, more than usual!)

??_?? I don’t know.