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Stand Up

Good evening!


The special page for FELT’s upcoming Reitaisai 9 album, “Stand Up”, has opened! It will be released at the evening on May 27th, 2012.

Again, I have written lyrics for two songs, “World Around Us” and “Free Your Mind”..! It’s a lovely combination of the awesome arrangements of Maurits”神”Cornelis and amazing vocals of Vivienne!
また歌詞を書いた、「World Around Us」と「Free Your Mind」...!MZCさんのアレンジとVivienneさんのヴォーカルコンビやっぱすごいな!

“World Around Us” – 東方妖々夢より  “クリスタライズシルバー” (Letty Whiterock)
Lyrics: Renko
Vocals: Vivienne
Chorus: Vivienne & W.nova & Renko
Arrange: Maurits”神”Cornelis
This song is about the world around us. Because of the way life can be, the way society can be, it is easy to feel oppressed, but we are able to live and change and continue on. Maybe with the power of love? Sometimes we can’t see things clearly for what they are…

“Free Your Mind” – 東方妖々夢より  “アルティメットトゥルース (Konpaku Youmu)
Lyrics: Renko
Vocals & Chorus: Vivienne & Renko
Arrange: Maurits”神”Cornelis
As the title is, it is about walking away from the limits of others and freeing yourself, your heart and your mind.

I am excited to have been able to work with FELT again on this release. I’m looking forward to the release! Please be sure to stop by the album’s page to have a look!
アルバムを手伝うこと嬉しいです。是非特別ページ見てくださいね!リリースを楽しみにしてくださいねw 私も楽しみですww