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【定期】春M3 2013

I’ll be helping out “ddiction” at [U-09b] for Spring M3 (April 29, 2013)!
In addition to the New Hori-ZUN Listening CD series, ORANGE★JAM will also be selling a few copies of “so-matic”, “love montblanc” and “asterism”, etc. Be sure to stop by and say hello!!

4月29日に開催される春M3、 【U-09b】の「ddiction」でNew Hori-ZUN: Listening CDシリーズとORANGE★JAMのアルバムを頒布します!本人で行きますから是非挨拶、挨拶~!U・v・)ノ 「so-matic」、「love montblanc」と「asterism」などあり!でも手持ってきますから少ないですw


  • U-09b


  • asterism ★ 1000 yen (Released at C83)
  • love montblanc ★ 1000 yen (Released at C82)
  • so-matic ★ 1000 yen (Released at C81)
  • Event Only! Glasses Cleaning Cloth ★ 300 yen (stock: Yukari)
  • Event Only! Button Pins (each) ★ 200 yen (stock: Marisa, Alice)


  • U-09b


  • asterism ★ 1000円 (冬コミ83の新作)
  • love montblanc ★ 1000円 (夏コミ82)
  • so-matic ★ 1000円(冬コミ81)
  • イベントオンリー!メガネ拭き ★ 300円 (ストック:紫ちゃん)
  • イベントオンリー!缶バッジ(1個) ★ 200円 (ストック:魔理沙アリス



Also! I participated as a vocalist and lyricist for SuganoMusic‘s M3 release, “東方EUROBEAT ARRANGE Vol.2“! The song (track 1) is an arrange of “Bad Apple!!” called “CORE CREATION”. It’s my first time doing anything with eurobeat, so I’m excited! Please visit SuganoMusic at [O-02b]!

さらに!SuganoMusicの「東方EUROBEAT ARRANGE Vol.2」ボーカルと作詞をさせていただきましたー!1曲目の「CORE CREATION」です、「Bad Apple!!」のアレンジ!初めてのユーロビートからドキドキワクワクっす!SuganoMusicのスペースは「O-02b」です!


I will be attending the event in person (at U-09b) so feel free to come say hello to me!
また本人でイベントを参加するよ!!U^q^)ノッ (U-09bにいるw)

【定期】秋M3 2012

I’ll be helping out “ddiction” at [お-09b] for Autumn M3 (October 28, 2012)!
In addition to the New Hori-ZUN Listening CD series, ORANGE★JAM will also be selling a few copies of “so-matic” and “love montblanc”. Be sure to stop by and say hello!!

10月28日に開催される秋M3、 【お-09b】の「ddiction」でNew Hori-ZUN: Listening CDシリーズとORANGE★JAMのアルバムを頒布します!本人で行きますから是非挨拶、挨拶~!U・v・)ノ 「so-matic」と「love montblanc」あり!でも手持ってきますから少ないですw


  • お-09b


  • love montblanc ★ 1000 yen (Released at C82)
  • so-matic ★ 1000 yen (Released at C81)
  • Event Only! Button Pins (each) ★ 200 yen (stock: Marisa, Alice)


  • お-09b


  • love montblanc ★ 1000円 (夏コミ82の新作)
  • so-matic ★ 1000円(冬コミ81の)
  • イベントオンリー!缶バッジ(1個) ★ 200円 (ストック:魔理沙アリス

I will be attending the event in person so feel free to come say hello to me!

New Hori-ZUN 2: Listening CD

Together with ddiction, ORANGE★JAM has produced the New Hori-ZUN 2: Listening CD! It will be released at Reitaisai on May 27, 2012. ORANGE★JAM’s composer, Sour, is the composer this time. ORANGE★JAM is at (い-18b) and ddiction is at (い-18a). Please be sure to come by! U。w゜)ノッ

There are more bonus features this time!

ddictionと一緒で、ORANGE★JAMが「New Hori-ZUN 2: Listening CD」をプロデュースしました!例大祭9(2012年5月27日)でリリース。今回のコンポーザーさんはORANGE★JAMのサワーさんです!ORANGE★JAMのスペースは(い-18b)にいます、ddictionは(い-18a)です!是非来てくださいね! U。w゜)ノッ


Chapter 5 – Girls, Guns & Bombs Cast List
Alice – Anonko
Medicine – Paula
Marisa – Renko

Production, Editing, Mastering, Renko & Maribel Script, DesignRenko (ORANGE★JAM)
Music, MasteringSour (ORANGE★JAM)
Recording Engineer – Nakazako (Machikado-Mapoze)
Renko & Maribel Script (JP) – Talka (ddiction)
New Hori-ZUN 2, Design – N-Forza (ddiction)
Illustrations & 4-Panel Comics – KirbyM (Walfas)
4-Panel ComicsMiluda
Advisor & Special Thanks – asahito (Asa-no-Tsuki)


Album Page ・ アルバムページ→

例大祭9・Reitaisai 9 (5月27日)

At the upcoming Reitaisai 9 on May 27th, ORANGE★JAM will be at 【い-18b】! We will be next door to ddiction (い-18a).

We will be selling the first album 「so-matic」 and illusion sonic‘s first album, 「illusion sonic」. illusion sonic is a Korean Touhou music circle featuring Korean utaite Guriri and TMDC. I wrote English lyrics for one of the songs. There may be something else at the table, but I don’t know if I can get that done yet.

I will also be attending the event personally! U^q^)ノッ
So, definitely drop by please!


  • 東6ホール★ い-18b


  • so-matic ★ 1000 yen
  • illusion sonic ★ 700 yen (stock: 10~15 CDs)


新作無いですけど初アルバム「so-matic」があるとillusion sonicの初アルバム「illusion sonic」です。illusion sonicは韓国東方音楽サークル、feat.韓国歌い手さんたちGuririさんとTMDCさんです!私はそのアルバムの英語歌詞を書いた。他の物がスペースにあるかな...今分からないですw


  • 東6ホール★ い-18b


  • so-matic ★ 1000円
  • illusion sonic ★ 700円 (10~15枚だけです)


M3 (April 30, 2012)

Today was M3! ORANGE★JAM sold 「so-matic」 at ddiction’s table (お-29b). I did not go in person, but I wanted to! Oh well.

I hope some people dropped by to leave messages!



New Hori-ZUN 2 2nd Ed. & New Hori-ZUN 1 Listening CD

ddiction is printing New Hori-ZUN 2, a 2nd edition version with a new layout and with corrections! I helped do the proofreading work as well as the layout suggestions.
ddictionは「New Hori-ZUN 2」の新しい版です!新しいレイアウトと訂正です。それ二つの事を手伝うんだ!

They are also printing New Hori-ZUN 1’s Listening CD! I helped produce the CD with the help of Nakasako-san from Mapoze. I also created an extra script for the CD and provided voice overs along with 3 other girls.
後も「New Hori-ZUN 1 Listening CD」です。CDの声優です。プロデュースしました、なかさこさんと一緒。後もエクストラスクリプト書いた。

Please be sure to stop by and look!


Day 2 (Fri, December 30) East Ni-46a

Comiket 81★冬コミケ81

Hey, everyone! My music circle, ORANGE★JAM, has been accepted to this winter’s Comiket 81! This will be our debut so please support us! For the time being, there is no circle website, so my personal website will serve as a substitute until I get that figured out.

We are located at: Day 2, East Hall, 二-46b
We’re next to ddiction!

皆さん、こんにちは!私の東方アレンジサークル「オレンジ★ジャム」が冬コミケ81を受かった!これは私たちの出初めです!私たちにサポートお願いします! とりあえず、サークルサイトはなしから、自分のサイトは代替サイトです!後で本サイトを作ります!すみませんねw

サークルスペースは: 2日目東二‐46b

Koromu / 紅楼夢

Hello! I will be representing ddiction at Koromu this coming weekend on October 16th. Please come by and visit me if you are attending! It is ddiction’s first time in a Kansai-based event.

We will be selling the clear files and “New Hori-ZUN 1” and “New Hori-ZUN 3”. We have not reprinted book 2 yet.

Our booth will be located at : 6号館 B-24b

I will probably not cosplay at Koromu.

So, hope to see you there!


グーズはクリアファイルと「New Hori-ZUN 1」と「New Hori-ZUN 3」。今「New Hori-ZUN 2」はなし。

ブースはここです:6号館 B-24b


Comiket 80 and Reitaisai SP2


I know I haven’t been too active in updating, but I’m still around!

I had planned on posting about Comiket 80 and Reitaisai SP2 in detail but I got a little lazy, even though I wrote up some of it. I wanted it in Japanese, too, but it’s a lot to translate with my poor Japanese, haha.

Either way, the “Blue Drop” CD from FELT and the  New HoriZUN 2 study guide I helped in were released during Comiket 80!

I went to Melonbooks at the end of Day 3 and I saw that “Blue Drop” was put with a sign of おすすめ(recommended) on it! I was so happy! FELT is a really wonderful music circle and I am really grateful for the opportunity to have worked with them.

I’m very happy that I got to see a lot of friends again, too, during Comiket 80 and Reitaisai SP2.

At Reitaisai SP2, I helped the circle, Fire Rabbit, which released cYsmix’s first album, “Orrery’s universe ~銀河系儀~”. It was fun! I had my Marisa cosplay from California, too.

The next event I will be at is 紅楼夢 (Koromu) in Osaka. I’ll be there for ddiction at[ 紅楼夢 6号館 B-24b]!

Reitaisai 8!

Hello everyone! I’m still alive! ??????

The other weekend on May 1st was a doujin music event called “M3”. I really wanted to go but I had to decide between that or Reitaisai. In the end, I chose Reitaisai. Though I really wished I could have gone to M3, Reitaisai was great!

So, I went to Reitaisai yesterday for the first time! It was a lot of fun. This time I helped ddiction at (?-18b) out a little. I was also able to enter early thanks to a couple friends, and I’m very grateful!
It was really interesting to see the set-up process. Though I was able to visit many friends’ booths using the extra time in the morning, I had many more to meet! There were some people I finally met for the first time. I was really happy!

I unexpectedly ended up busier than I thought I would be, but I still enjoyed it. I’m a bit regretful that I wasn’t able to help the booth out more than I thought I would be able to.

I ended up arriving at home a little late and was very tired, but I still felt so excited. ?????

I think one day I would really love to also participate in events like Reitaisai with a music circle one day! Even as a guest vocalist, I would be so happy. I hope I can find members for my music circle. ?????

I really enjoyed Reitaisai!

Everyone, good work!!

(Also, I found that there are some karaoke places with JOYSOUND in a city near me. Yay!)