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ORANGE★JAM, 1st Full Album: 「so-matic」

I’m late, but there is an information page about my music circle’s album, which is coming out December 30, 2012 at Comiket 81 Day 2! Please go to the album page for more information!


New Hori-ZUN 2 2nd Ed. & New Hori-ZUN 1 Listening CD

ddiction is printing New Hori-ZUN 2, a 2nd edition version with a new layout and with corrections! I helped do the proofreading work as well as the layout suggestions.
ddictionは「New Hori-ZUN 2」の新しい版です!新しいレイアウトと訂正です。それ二つの事を手伝うんだ!

They are also printing New Hori-ZUN 1’s Listening CD! I helped produce the CD with the help of Nakasako-san from Mapoze. I also created an extra script for the CD and provided voice overs along with 3 other girls.
後も「New Hori-ZUN 1 Listening CD」です。CDの声優です。プロデュースしました、なかさこさんと一緒。後もエクストラスクリプト書いた。

Please be sure to stop by and look!


Day 2 (Fri, December 30) East Ni-46a

Silver Drive

Hi, everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been pretty busy preparing for Comiket 81.

A new piece of good news for you all!

FELT’s 6th full album, “Silver Drive”, is going to be released at Winter Comiket (C81) on December 30, 2011!
FELTの6作目アルバム「Silver Drive」は今回の冬コミの2目日発売します!!

This time I have written lyrics for two songs for track 3 and 5, “Light My Life” and “In The End”. Again, the amazing Maurits”神”Cornelis arranged the tracks and the lovely Vivienne provided the vocals.

“Light My Life” – 東方星蓮船より “万年置き傘にご注意を” (Kogasa’s Theme)
“Light My Life” is a sparkling song about the wonder of being in love and surpassing our limits with the person we love. Even if we fall or hesitate, we just need to believe in ourselves and receive the support that our special someone offers to us. Open yourself up to each other and appreciate that person. If we can do that, we can definitely soar across the sky! Light my life!

“In The End” – 東方紅魔郷より “ヴワル魔法図書館” (Koakuma’s Theme)
“In The End” is about taking the chance of being with someone through hardships and uncertainty. When you really care for someone… falling in love. Sometimes there’s a chance that it’s one-sided in many different ways. Sometimes you feel unsure about how the other person feels. In the end, love can be so fragile, but even as fragile as it is, it can be the strongest thing. If it ends, you still carry those memories and feelings with you, even if you move on. Either way, you try your best, you want to be their number one (in the non-crazy, non-possessive way). Spending time with them and experiencing different things together is a wonderful thing.

I’m just as excited about this release as last time, and I’m very happy to work with FELT again. I’m so fortunate! Their music is always so great to listen to. Just the instrumentation itself feels so expressive.

Please be sure to check out the album  here:

It’s definitely a wonderful album and I recommend it! You’ll buy it, right? Uのwの)

Comiket 81★冬コミケ81

Hey, everyone! My music circle, ORANGE★JAM, has been accepted to this winter’s Comiket 81! This will be our debut so please support us! For the time being, there is no circle website, so my personal website will serve as a substitute until I get that figured out.

We are located at: Day 2, East Hall, 二-46b
We’re next to ddiction!

皆さん、こんにちは!私の東方アレンジサークル「オレンジ★ジャム」が冬コミケ81を受かった!これは私たちの出初めです!私たちにサポートお願いします! とりあえず、サークルサイトはなしから、自分のサイトは代替サイトです!後で本サイトを作ります!すみませんねw

サークルスペースは: 2日目東二‐46b

ORANGE★JAM so-matic (オレンジ★ジャム)

Here’s a “preview” of my new avatar. She’s unrelated to puppy Renko. Puppy Renko is a mascot, vs this being an avatar of me. これは自分のアバタープレビューです。これと犬れんこが関係ないです。犬れんこはマスコット、アバターれんこは私です。

Many thanks to Yuki for the design and artwork! ユキさんにすごく感謝です!これはユキさんの設計と描画です。(゜w゜)!

This is actually something related to my music circle, which I haven’t really talked about now that I think about it. 実はこれと自分の音楽サークルの関係がある、でもなんかそれはまだちゃんと説明しませんですよね?(^w^);;

The circle’s name is 「ORANGE★JAM」 for short. “so-matic” is pretty much “so automatic”. It’s a Touhou arrange circle in the R&B, house, pop, ballad genre. Currently, the only other members are the composer, Surasshu (who will henceforth be known as Sour), and the main illustrator, Shuutah. There are other artists who also help O★J, but I will introduce them later! サークルのショート名前は「オレンジ★ジャム」です。「ソーマティク」の意味は「so」と「automatic」です。これは東方アレンジサークル、ジャンルはR&B,ハウス、ポップ、バラードです。今他のメンバーはコンポーザさん、スラッシュさん(これからは「サワーさんです」)、イラストさんはシューターさんです。他の手伝うのイラストさんたちもあるけど後で紹介する!

★ We are still looking for another composer. We also need a sound engineer in Japan. 今もう一つのコンポーザさんが欲しいです。日本にいるのサウンドエンジニアさんもう欲しいです。

I’ve applied for Winter Comiket 81, so here’s hoping we get in! 冬コミ81もう申し込むを送信しました!わーい!(^q^)ノ