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Blue Drop

Good news everyone! ヽU^q^)ノ
FELT’s 4th full album, “Blue Drop”, is due to be released at Summer Comiket on Day 2 (Aug. 13, 2011)!

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to write the lyrics for Track 7, a song called “One More Time”. It’s my first time participating in the music doujinshi scene and my first time writing original lyrics, so I’m a little nervous. (But I am really excited!)

I still can’t believe it! It’s like a “Really?!” feeling. U@w@)!?
It feels really surreal… so sometimes I think, “Oh, did I actually write this?! Is this a dream?”

It was a really fun process. I’m extremely thankful for this chance. I hope I can write more lyrics in the future for the music doujin scene!

The lovely Vivienne provides the vocals for this wonderful arrangement by Maurits“禅“Cornelis. The original song is Saigyouji Yuyuko’s theme in Ten Desires, “Ghost Lead” (東方神霊廟より “ゴーストリード”). It’s an amazing combination! I’m extremely excited! ((U゜w゜))

What is the song about? A passionate love between two girls…! A burning love! U^q^)

I hope everyone enjoys the CD! I think “Blue Drop” is wonderful!

Please be sure to get the CD and give it a listen! U^w^)ノ
Please look forward to it!


FELTの4作目アルバム「Blue Drop」は今回の夏コミの2目日発売します!!

幸あるなチャンスで7番曲「One More Time」の歌詞書けました!初めて音楽同人誌シーン参加すると初めてオリジナル歌詞書けましたからちょっと緊張ですw (でもわくわく過ぎるw)

まだ信じられない!「マジですか!?」な感じw U@w@)!?


素敵なVivienneさんはこのアレンジのヴォーカルズ、素晴らしいなアレンジするはMaurits“禅”Cornelis!オリジナル曲は西行寺幽々子の「東方神霊廟より “ゴーストリード”」. 驚天動地コンビネーションだ! 超ハイテンションです!((U゜w゜))


皆CDの事喜んでが欲しい。「Blue Drop」は素晴らしいなCDと思う!