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Announcement – Sekai Project

ORANGE★JAM is officially announcing its partnership with Sekai Project.

Sekai Project is a crowd-funding site for doujin works. In the future, we hope to re-release previous albums and release new albums through Sekai Project to provide our overseas listeners the opportunity to order our works more easily, simply and reliably in English.

Up until now, we’ve only been available for overseas purchases through digital downloads in Japanese and visitors. We hope that this will make everything for those of you outside of Japan easier in the future!

We will be working out the details in future discussions with Sekai Project from now on.

Thanks to those of you who enjoy and support our work from abroad! U^v^)ノ

C83 Report! 冬コミ83レポート!

This report is a few months late! U◎v◎)

Good work everyone!

Anyway, Winter Comiket 83 was ORANGE★JAM’s 1 year anniversary! That was pretty exciting!

To celebrate, we released our first full compilation album, 「asterism」.

We were at 東 ケ-32a on Day 2 of Comiket.
東 ケ-32aの2日目にいました。

We sold a secret, limited item, which was a half-size microfiber blanket of the 「asterism」 jacket cover. We sold some glasses cleaning clothes with the chibi-Yukari design.

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On December 30, 2012 at Comic Market 83, ORANGE★JAM will be releasing limited goods. This time, it’s Yukari-chan’s glasses cloth, drawn by the album illustrator, Nerugal!

There will also be limited goods of a secret sort…! It’s in very limited quantities, so hurry…!






Goods (Event Only)

  • Yukari-chan’s Glasses Cloth ★ 300 yen (New!) (Stock: 50)
  • 【Secret Item】 (New!)
  • Button Pins (each) ★ 200 yen (stock: Marisa, Alice)




  • 紫ちゃんメガネ拭き 300円(新作!)(50枚)
  • 【秘密アイテム】(新作!)
  • 缶バッジ★ 200円 (魔理沙/アリス)

Again, I will be attending the event in person! So please come say hello to me!

ORANGE★JAM’s 1st Compilation Album!: 「asterism」

ORANGE★JAM presents: 「asterism」, its 1st Compilation Album!

ORANGE★JAM will be releasing its 1st compilation album, 「asterism」, at Winter Comiket 83 on Day 2 (December, 2012) @ 『東 ケ-32a』! Please stop by the album page for more information!

The guests are (in tracklist order):
kirin (EastNewSound)
Takashige Tsukada (Tsukada Takashige)
Coro (Tamaonsen)
Maurits”ZEN”Cornelis (FELT)
Nakazako (Machikado-Mapoze)

Again, 723 (Kimi no Museum) is participating as a lyricist for one of the songs!

The illustrator is Nerugal.

ORANGE★JAMの1stコンピレーションアルバムは「asterism」です!C83最新作です!冬コミの2日目(12月30日)で参加します!『東 ケ-32a』です!特設ページに調べてみてくださいね!

kirin (EastNewSound)
Takashige Tsukada (ツカダタカシゲ)
Coro (魂音泉)
Maurits”禅”Cornelis (FELT)
中雑魚酒菜 (街角麻婆豆)



Please look at the album information page for more details! ↓
詳しくは特設サイトをご覧下さい! ↓

【定期】 紅楼夢8 (Kouroumu 8)

10月7日に開催される東方紅楼夢8、 【ネ-5a,b】の「Tora Drink Bud」で Illusion Sonic 1st アルバムと ORANGE★JAMのアルバムを頒布します!本人で行きますから是非挨拶、挨拶~!U・v・)ノ 「so-matic」と「love montblanc」あり!でも手持ってきますから少ないですw


I will be personally helping at “Tora Drink Bud” located at [ネ-5a,b] for Kouroumu 8 (October 7th, 2012)!
“Illusion Sonic” will also be sold at the space. ORANGE★JAM will also be selling a few copies of “so-matic” and “love montblanc”. Be sure to stop by and say hello!!

I also participated as a guest vocalist and lyricist for Machikado-Mapoze’s Kouroumu release, “地獄の音楽練習帳“.
I sang a Showa Jazz piece called “彼岸花に愛を込めて“.
I wrote lyrics and provided vocals for a waltz ballad piece called “Silence“.
Machikado-Mapoze is located at [ミ-27b].

C82 Report! 夏コミ82レポート!

I can’t believe summer Comiket has already come and gone. Is it already over? Really? I don’t believe it. I feel like I’m still getting ready for C82!

Everyone, good work!

How was everyone’s Comiket? I hope everyone enjoyed it!

I definitely enjoyed it!

I… I still can’t believe we’ve released our 2nd full album… Did we really release our 2nd album? Really? It’s not a dream, is it…? Someone pinch me!

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On August 11, 2012 at Comic Market 82, ORANGE★JAM will be releasing limited pair Mokou and Kaguya bookmarks, drawn and handmade by the wonderful guest artist, Pii! Handmade!? U゜w゜)!?

If you buy the CD, “love montblanc”, you can get one Mokou AND Kaguya bookmark! (Limited to first 30 CDs ☆ limit 1 pair per person! (stock limit: 30 pairs))

2012年8月11日のコッミクマーケット82でORANGE★JAMが限られたの妹紅と輝夜のペアブックマークをリリースする!イラストとブックマークがは素敵なゲストイラストさん、ぴいさん、手作ったんだです!ハンドメード!? U゜w゜)!?

「love montblanc」を買うなら一対妹紅と輝夜のブックマークあげる!(30対限定☆お1人様一対まで!(ストック限定:30対

Isn’t it cute?? 可愛いでしょう!?



  • love montblanc ★ 1000 yen (New!) (Special!: 1 pair of Mokou and Kaguya bookmarks per purchase! (stock limit: 30 pairs))
  • so-matic ★ 1000 yen
  • Event Only! Button Pins (each) ★ 200 yen (stock: Marisa, Alice)



  • love montblanc ★ 1000円 (新作!)スペシャル!一対てるもこブックマークあげます!(ストックリミット:30対)
  • so-matic ★ 1000円
  • イベントオンリー!缶バッジ(1個) ★ 200円 (ストック:魔理沙アリス

Again, I will be attending the event in person! So please come say hello to me!

ORANGE★JAM’s 2nd Full Album!: 「love montblanc」

ORANGE★JAM presents: 「love montblanc」, its 2nd Full Album!

ORANGE★JAM will be releasing its 2nd full album, 「love montblanc」, at Summer Comiket 82 on Day 2 (August 11, 2012)! Please stop by the album page for more information!

There are also two guest artists for the booklet this time: 黒兎 and ぴい!
There’s one guest lyricist: 723 (Kimi no Museum)

ORANGE★JAMの2ndアルバムは「love montblanc」です!C82最新作です!夏コミ82の2日目(8月11日)で参加します!特設ページに見ててくださいね!


ORANGE★JAM, 1st Full Album: 「so-matic」

I’m late, but there is an information page about my music circle’s album, which is coming out December 30, 2012 at Comiket 81 Day 2! Please go to the album page for more information!