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Comiket 81★冬コミケ81

Hey, everyone! My music circle, ORANGE★JAM, has been accepted to this winter’s Comiket 81! This will be our debut so please support us! For the time being, there is no circle website, so my personal website will serve as a substitute until I get that figured out.

We are located at: Day 2, East Hall, 二-46b
We’re next to ddiction!

皆さん、こんにちは!私の東方アレンジサークル「オレンジ★ジャム」が冬コミケ81を受かった!これは私たちの出初めです!私たちにサポートお願いします! とりあえず、サークルサイトはなしから、自分のサイトは代替サイトです!後で本サイトを作ります!すみませんねw

サークルスペースは: 2日目東二‐46b

Koromu / 紅楼夢

Hello! I will be representing ddiction at Koromu this coming weekend on October 16th. Please come by and visit me if you are attending! It is ddiction’s first time in a Kansai-based event.

We will be selling the clear files and “New Hori-ZUN 1” and “New Hori-ZUN 3”. We have not reprinted book 2 yet.

Our booth will be located at : 6号館 B-24b

I will probably not cosplay at Koromu.

So, hope to see you there!


グーズはクリアファイルと「New Hori-ZUN 1」と「New Hori-ZUN 3」。今「New Hori-ZUN 2」はなし。

ブースはここです:6号館 B-24b