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冬コミ受かった! (C85)

ORANGE★JAMは 二日目 「東 プ-17a」 です!

We’ve been accepted into Winter Comiket 85!
ORANGE★JAM will be on the 2nd day at: East Hall, プ-17a.


I’ll do my best on the new album!
See you all there!

FELT’s “Abyss nova” (C84)

A really belated post!

FELT’s 11th full album, “Abyss nova”, was released at Summer Comiket (C84)!
FELTの11作目アルバム「Abyss nova」は今回の夏コミ84の3目日発売した!!

I wrote the lyrics for track 4 and 7, “Lies in Reality” and “Endless Night”.
今回4と7曲目で作詞をさせていただきました~ Maurits”禅”CornelisとVivienneさんの最高なコンビだぜ!

“Lies in Reality” – 東方神霊廟より  “大神神話伝” (Mononobe no Futo)
Lyrics: Renko
Vocals: Vivienne
Chorus: Vivienne & W.nova
Arrange: Maurits”禅”Cornelis
“Lies in Reality” is about seeing the lies in what we think reality is… to be the real you. Sometimes even those who think they know you can’t see or understand “you.” I think I tried to express a grittiness of reality, of what it means to be who you are or understand others. We always try to hide certain things about ourselves yet to a degree we want to be noticed or understood. When you’re lost in a city, surrounded by people, you can still feel as though you’re all alone.

“Endless Night” – 東方紅魔郷より  “ラクトガール~少女密室” (Patchouli Knowledge)
Lyrics: Renko
Vocals: Vivienne
Chorus: Vivienne & W.nova
Arrange: Maurits”禅”Cornelis
“Endless Night” is about what one would do they could have another chance to try things over with that precious person in their lives. So, at the very least, that person must be hoping for an answer, any answer, to their feelings. When you love someone all over again, that feeling sometimes grows stronger. When you can be with them, every fond memory makes you feel warm and at ease. Surely, this isn’t the end.

It was a pleasure to be working with FELT again. I always enjoy the experience.

Please be sure to stop by the album’s page to have a look!



  • 3日目 東3ホール★ T-38a


ORANGE★JAM’s 3rd Full Album 「a-romatic」

ORANGE★JAM presents: 「a-romatic」, its 3rd Full Touhou Arrange Album.

ORANGE★JAM will be releasing its 3rd full album, 「a-romatic」, at Summer Comiket 84 on Day 3 (August 12, 2013) @ 『東 T-38a』! Please stop by the album page for more information!

There are 6 vocal songs out of a total of 8, featuring 6 songs by Sour and two songs by guest arranger, Takashige Tsukada (Tsukada Takashige).

Again, 723 (Kimi no Museum) is participating as a lyricist for one of the songs!

The illustrator is Shu.

ORANGE★JAMの3rdフルー東方アレンジアルバムは「a-romatic」です!C84最新作です!夏コミの3日目(8月12日)で参加します!『東 T-32a』です!特設ページに調べてみてくださいね!

R&B・ポップス・ハウス・バラードの多彩な ジャンルな6曲のボーカル曲とインストゥルメンタル2曲を収録。イラストレーターはハワイより参加。日本人ゲストアレンジャーを迎えての一作。



Please look at the album information page for more details! ↓
詳しくは特設サイトをご覧下さい! ↓

Welcoming Neru! ネルちゃんようこそ!


詳しく→ http://orange-jam.net/members

Neru has joined ORANGE★JAM as an official member. She is the illustrator from our 「asterism」 album! Welcome to the circle, Neru!! U◎ヮ◎)ノッ

More info here → http://orange-jam.net/members

夏コミ受かった! (C84)

ORANGE★JAMは 三日目 「東 T-38a」 です!

We’ve been accepted into Summer Comiket 84!
ORANGE★JAM will be on the 3rd day at: East Hall, T-38a.


From now on I’ll do my best!
See you all there!


On May 26, 2013 at Reitaisai 10, ORANGE★JAM will be releasing event-only goods. This time, it’s Yukari-chan can badge and ORANGE★JAM logo can badge, drawn by the asterism album illustrator, Nerugal! They are all 38mm in diameter.

Unfortunately, there is no new CD release for this event.




  • 東1ホール★ D-39b


Goods (Event Only)

  • Button Pins (38mm) (each) ★ 300 yen (New!) (stock: ORANGE★JAM logo, Yukari-chan)
  • Yukari-chan’s Glasses Cloth ★ 300 yen (Stock: 35)
  • Button Pins (32mm) (each) ★ 200 yen (stock: Marisa, Alice)


  • 東1ホール★ D-39b

アルバム – 物価


  • 缶バッジ(38mm)(1個)★ 300円 (新作)(ORANGE★JAMロゴ/紫ちゃん)
  • 紫ちゃんメガネ拭き 300円 (35枚)
  • 缶バッジ(32mm)(1個)★ 200円 (魔理沙/アリス)

I will be attending the event in person! So please come say hello to me!
私がイベントを参加するから是非きてくださいね!!U^q^)ノッ 待ってるぜ!

【定期】春M3 2013

I’ll be helping out “ddiction” at [U-09b] for Spring M3 (April 29, 2013)!
In addition to the New Hori-ZUN Listening CD series, ORANGE★JAM will also be selling a few copies of “so-matic”, “love montblanc” and “asterism”, etc. Be sure to stop by and say hello!!

4月29日に開催される春M3、 【U-09b】の「ddiction」でNew Hori-ZUN: Listening CDシリーズとORANGE★JAMのアルバムを頒布します!本人で行きますから是非挨拶、挨拶~!U・v・)ノ 「so-matic」、「love montblanc」と「asterism」などあり!でも手持ってきますから少ないですw


  • U-09b


  • asterism ★ 1000 yen (Released at C83)
  • love montblanc ★ 1000 yen (Released at C82)
  • so-matic ★ 1000 yen (Released at C81)
  • Event Only! Glasses Cleaning Cloth ★ 300 yen (stock: Yukari)
  • Event Only! Button Pins (each) ★ 200 yen (stock: Marisa, Alice)


  • U-09b


  • asterism ★ 1000円 (冬コミ83の新作)
  • love montblanc ★ 1000円 (夏コミ82)
  • so-matic ★ 1000円(冬コミ81)
  • イベントオンリー!メガネ拭き ★ 300円 (ストック:紫ちゃん)
  • イベントオンリー!缶バッジ(1個) ★ 200円 (ストック:魔理沙アリス



Also! I participated as a vocalist and lyricist for SuganoMusic‘s M3 release, “東方EUROBEAT ARRANGE Vol.2“! The song (track 1) is an arrange of “Bad Apple!!” called “CORE CREATION”. It’s my first time doing anything with eurobeat, so I’m excited! Please visit SuganoMusic at [O-02b]!

さらに!SuganoMusicの「東方EUROBEAT ARRANGE Vol.2」ボーカルと作詞をさせていただきましたー!1曲目の「CORE CREATION」です、「Bad Apple!!」のアレンジ!初めてのユーロビートからドキドキワクワクっす!SuganoMusicのスペースは「O-02b」です!


I will be attending the event in person (at U-09b) so feel free to come say hello to me!
また本人でイベントを参加するよ!!U^q^)ノッ (U-09bにいるw)

C83 Report! 冬コミ83レポート!

This report is a few months late! U◎v◎)

Good work everyone!

Anyway, Winter Comiket 83 was ORANGE★JAM’s 1 year anniversary! That was pretty exciting!

To celebrate, we released our first full compilation album, 「asterism」.

We were at 東 ケ-32a on Day 2 of Comiket.
東 ケ-32aの2日目にいました。

We sold a secret, limited item, which was a half-size microfiber blanket of the 「asterism」 jacket cover. We sold some glasses cleaning clothes with the chibi-Yukari design.

Continue reading ‘C83 Report! 冬コミ83レポート!’


On December 30, 2012 at Comic Market 83, ORANGE★JAM will be releasing limited goods. This time, it’s Yukari-chan’s glasses cloth, drawn by the album illustrator, Nerugal!

There will also be limited goods of a secret sort…! It’s in very limited quantities, so hurry…!






Goods (Event Only)

  • Yukari-chan’s Glasses Cloth ★ 300 yen (New!) (Stock: 50)
  • 【Secret Item】 (New!)
  • Button Pins (each) ★ 200 yen (stock: Marisa, Alice)




  • 紫ちゃんメガネ拭き 300円(新作!)(50枚)
  • 【秘密アイテム】(新作!)
  • 缶バッジ★ 200円 (魔理沙/アリス)

Again, I will be attending the event in person! So please come say hello to me!