Tokyo – 東京

As you all may know, I have lived in a few different places since moving to Japan.

At the very beginning in 2011, I lived in a small town in north Ibaraki. It wasn’t fanciful, but it was comfortable. I was, unfortunately, far from people I knew, but I learned a lot living there. The people there treated me well, too. (Actually, I ought to visit them again some time.)

It was a short, one-year stay. I wanted to stay longer, but I decided to change jobs and that brought me over to Nagoya.

Moving to Nagoya was also a pretty sudden thing. The apartment was actually very convenient and the work was interesting enough. Then again, I still used up a lot of money traveling between Nagoya and Tokyo for events and meeting up with people I knew. I lived in Nagoya for a good two years and almost wish I had been able to stay for another year or two.

Work was always different each and every day, though there were some small things I had been unhappy about… but that’s how work usually is, isn’t it? I developed good friendships at work and learned some useful skills and habits.

Sadly, Nagoya is pretty boring aside from the food. I never really went out until recently, either.
Even so, I also made new friends in the area that I really appreciate. (I liked my work flexibility, too, to be honest.)

Which brings me to the (very late) official announcement that perhaps some of you may have already known through Twitter or other means. I was finally chanced with the opportunity to move to Tokyo and work in a different field. It’s not a glamorous change, but one that opens more doors than the previous work I did.

So, suddenly I was whisked off into Tokyo…!
This seems to be a common pattern, haha. (I hope this doesn’t keep happening.)

My new job isn’t easy, but I hope there are good things and challenges to come. It’s an interesting learning opportunity, but I hope to apply my ideas and use some creativity in the workplace some day. Who knows?

Being here in Tokyo does have its perks, especially making it easier to see friends or acquaintances visiting (because no one ever goes to Nagoya). I also got a little puppy I really should post more about in the future.

I’ll keep on enjoying the creativity of music and Comiket while balancing my new job.
I ought to post a bit more consistently…

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