C83 Report! 冬コミ83レポート!

This report is a few months late! U◎v◎)

Good work everyone!

Anyway, Winter Comiket 83 was ORANGE★JAM’s 1 year anniversary! That was pretty exciting!

To celebrate, we released our first full compilation album, 「asterism」.

We were at 東 ケ-32a on Day 2 of Comiket.
東 ケ-32aの2日目にいました。

We sold a secret, limited item, which was a half-size microfiber blanket of the 「asterism」 jacket cover. We sold some glasses cleaning clothes with the chibi-Yukari design.

Here are some photos!

The day before Comiket, Neru and I made some handmade ORANGE★JAM stickers!

IMG_4078I’m always excited when I open the first box!

IMG_4083s「東 ケ-32a」

IMG_4086I received a hakutaku Marisa…! U///ヮ///)

I dashed around to meet and greet some people. I was able to see a lot of familiar faces! Again, a lot of handsome guys and pretty girls stopped by. U///ヮ///)
あっちこっちダッシュと挨拶した~w 色々見たことあると知ってる顔とあった!また色々イケメン少年と可愛い少女着てきました~ww

On the 3rd day, I was able to meet MitchieM in person…! He’s a really amazing Vocaloid producer.

Thanks to everyone to came up to support us and talk with us! There were a number of people who wished us a happy anniversary and expressed their support. I was really happy and moved!

I look forward to Summer Comiket 84 and planning to do our best.

2 Responses to “C83 Report! 冬コミ83レポート!”

  • Good evening.(´ー`*

    I got the new album at C83!! And I heard it(´∀`*

    I was very excited when I have known news of this album.Because this album was arranged by my favorite arrangers furthermore you did sing those.(´ヮ`*
    I think that [truth] is one of the best in some good songs~♪.

    I’m looking forward to the next album!!(´ヮ`*

    ….And I wish next event is the good weather(´ー`*

  • @YU-MA
    Oh, thanks so much!! I must have met you at C83, then!
    I’m glad you enjoyed the album.

    “truth” is very catchy, isn’t it?

    Thanks for your support and I’ll do my best at the next event!

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