FELT’s “Ground Snow” (C83)

Hello everyone!

More good news!

FELT’s 9th full album, “Ground Snow”, is going to be released at Winter Comiket (C83) on December 30, 2012!
FELTの9作目アルバム「Ground Snow」は今回の冬コミ83の2目日発売します!!

This time I have written lyrics for two songs for track 3 and 6, “Liminality” and “Dream in the Night”. Of course, again, the wonderful Maurits”禅”Cornelis arranged the tracks and the lovely Vivienne provided the vocals.

“Liminality” – 東方花映塚より “彼岸帰航 ~ Riverside View” (Onozuka Komachi)
Lyrics: Renko
Vocals: Vivienne
Chorus: Vivienne & W.nova & Renko
Arrange: Maurits”禅”Cornelis
“Liminality” is about breaking free from the mundaneness in our lives. I think there are days when everyone feels lost and limited by so  many things… and have so many things to think about and be mindful of. That can be overwhelming. Making mistakes and learning from them is part of who we are and makes us human. So, we should try to enjoy life whenever we can and appreciate it, because life is just too short for us to care about the little, silly things. Break the limits, break past liminality. You’re never on your own, even if it fades away.

“Dream in the Night” – 東方星蓮船より “キャプテン・ムラサ” (Minamitsu Murasa)
Lyrics: Renko
Vocals: Vivienne
Chorus: Vivienne & W.nova & Renko
Arrange: Maurits”禅”Cornelis
“Dream in the Night” is about giving in to the fire inside you. Don’t hesitate. Just go and do it. Sometimes when we give up our control, we realize what we couldn’t see before. And all while giving into the passion, we can let ourselves change. Sometimes, it feels like a dream…

This release is amazing as usual! I’m always happy for the chance to work with FELT again. Their work is always wonderful. This album feels quite mellow but rhythmic.

Please be sure to stop by the album’s page to have a look!

11 Responses to “FELT’s “Ground Snow” (C83)”

  • “Liminality”
    I agree with your thoughts.
    We can break the any kind of limits with this music.
    Yes! There is no need to get depressed.
    Life is music! Life is Renko!

  • @空気読んだ
    Ohh! Thank you!!! Yes!! Music is life! ww

  • Hi Renkosan. it’s very cold winter isn’t it?
    I have just translated your lyrics “Liminarity”.
    But I couldn’t translate the word “Liminality”
    if it is possible, I would like to know the correct meaning of “Liminality”. please lesson me. the state of being liminal?
    what is that ?? it’s very difficult!!!

  • Oh!I just found it.
    >“Liminality” is about breaking free from the mundaneness in our lives.
    thank you anyway.

  • @空気読んだ
    Hi! It’s something like that. The textbook definition is about the phase/transition through the rite of passage. During this phase, the person has no status, rank, name and shows obedience and follows a set of prescribed rules.

    From that, the song is about breaking free from this kind of structure or expectations.

  • @空気読んだ
    Also, yes, it’s very cold! Keep yourself warm.

  • Wahoo! Thank you Renkosan. I shall use your lessons above and make my translations complete.

  • “Dream in the night” is nice music.
    it’s sweet and cute.

  • Hello,my dear Renkosan.
    Sunday is almost running out,it’s a tragedy.
    I have translated “Dream in the night”.
    and “Nothing to it” and “Close and lucid” is very difficult for me.
    Perhaps it is that there is nothing to it and the meaning is “その中に重要なものはないよ”, “Close and lucid” is “そばにいて、輝いて” I believe.
    It might be breaking the rules to consult with the writer.
    Please lesson me your implication.

  • @空気読んださん
    Hello! It was a tragedy that the weekend ended so soon. I’d like for it to be the weekend forever sometimes.

    Good work on translating the lyrics!
    “Nothing to it” and “Close and lucid” can be hard to interpret because there are double meanings in them.
    The way you have interpreted them is not incorrect.

    “Nothing to it” can be like what you said, and also in English we say “There’s nothing to it“. It means it’s easy or can be easily done.

    “Close and lucid” is also correct, but lucid has a strong double meaning. It’s bright or sparkling, but it also is a word that is connected to “dreams.” So it could mean “I’m close to you/by you and “awake/aglow” yet I’m dreaming inside.” Because when you’re near someone, you feel really alive, awake, like you are glowing… and even though you are awake and feeling these glowing feelings, you’re also dreaming inside.

    If you have any questions about lyrics, you can always e-mail me instead because I see e-mail alerts immediately. U・v・)ノ
    I enjoy seeing what people think about my lyrics and how they interpret it themselves, but I don’t mind helping out when it is too confusing.

  • Hi Dear Renkosan. Thank you for your reply.
    Oh!Double Meaning!COOL!
    “Nothing to it”
    Yes,I was wrong. that’s meaning is “お安いご用さ” in Japanese.
    I didn’t find it on my dictionary, but Google taught me the correct meaning!(笑)

    Oh!LUCID! I get it. How beautiful word it is!
    You had made a brilliant lyrics.
    It was a pity that I didn’t reach such depth.
    but now I’m very happy
    to understand whole meanings and atmosphere of this lyrics.
    Yes,I shall use E-mail.
    I can’t begin to thank you enough.
    You are angel!

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