C82 Report! 夏コミ82レポート!

I can’t believe summer Comiket has already come and gone. Is it already over? Really? I don’t believe it. I feel like I’m still getting ready for C82!

Everyone, good work!

How was everyone’s Comiket? I hope everyone enjoyed it!

I definitely enjoyed it!

I… I still can’t believe we’ve released our 2nd full album… Did we really release our 2nd album? Really? It’s not a dream, is it…? Someone pinch me!

The 30 TeruMoko bookmark pair extras went out really quickly! I don’t have any for myself! lol…
30対のてるもこブックマークおまけも完売しましたw すごく早かったww ビック! U゜w゜)!自分の分がない!!w

Thanks to everyone who came by the booth to say hello and for your support! I’m sorry if you came by to say hello while I was gone. I was away for a very short time, but I still missed a couple people! I’m sorry!! It was hard for me to visit a lot of people, actually…
スペースに来てたの皆さん、ありがとう!挨拶とサポートありがとう!もし私いないの時に来ましたならごめんね!ちょっとだけで離れられなたけどなんかニアミスいっぱいあったw ごめんね!実は友達と知り合いに行けなかったもぉ...

I feel like it’s getting harder and harder to greet my friends and acquaintances now that I’m a circle, but that’s something that can’t be helped. I enjoy talking with the people who come by the booth a lot, and sometimes people say they’ll come by so I’m usually waiting for them, haha…! The timing is hard, but it’s fun.
サークルになるからどんどん、どんどん挨拶に行くこともっと厳しいになりましたぁ、でもそれはしょうがいないですよね?スペースに来ての人と一緒に話することが好き、私のスペースに挨拶する人のとめにも待っててww タイミング難しいな!楽しいけどw

This year, the space was pretty nice. I was opposite a large opening with the sea immediately nearby, so there was a nice and cool breeze in my area. I’m really grateful… If it had been like last year when I helped another circle in cosplay, I might have died…;;
今回のスペース素晴らしいでしたw デカイ窓の近くで、すぐ海を見えるの場所でした!だからすごく涼しいでした!感謝していましたw 去年の夏コミ(誰か手伝いました時)と同じなら死ぬw

I didn’t get a chance to talk with music circles immediately near mine, unfortunately…! I really wanted to at least say hello.

There were people who came to see me that I hadn’t seen in a long time! I was really happy to see everyone again! There was even someone from 3 years ago!

Also, there were some cute girls and boys who came to the booth. Hello, cute girls and boys!! Thanks for coming! /drool


I was able to spend a great time with wonderful, friendly people, too.

Really, I’m so fired up already about C83! I can’t wait to make another album! I want to write lyrics! I want to sing! I wanna do collaboration projects! Yeah!!!

And so, please continue to support me from now on! Thank you all so much! I love you!

I’ll do my best from now on!!

5 Responses to “C82 Report! 夏コミ82レポート!”

  • sweet poison
    is good music.
    I love it.
    simple rhythm.
    I feel something sad.
    Now I start to translate sweet poison.
    good music! very good music!

  • Now I finished translation.
    Sweet poison very good lyric.

    As though the sounds were reaching farther, farther, exiting the stage.
    I’m falling into darkness just as the sweetness fades away.

    great! perfect!

  • @kaerusan
    Thank you so much for your comment! I’m really glad you like “Sweet Poison”. I think the song is a little sad, kind of bittersweet, isn’t it? You’ve translated it so quickly!

    That is also one of my favorite lines! So, if someone posts the song on niconicodouga, you will post the translations? U^q^)

  • yeah!

    Although it was difficult for me to understand the lyrics
    But this time your song was short.
    I was able to translate somehow !

    good song! love is sweetpoison!

  • @kaerusan
    I’m very glad to hear that!

    Yes, love is the sweetest poison.

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