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I’m considering taking down some older songs. A few of them are a little iffy on the quality side, or just too old, and it kind of  bothers me.

So far, I may consider taking these down:
1. Artificial Children
2. Kiseki
4. Candy☆Boy
5. Let Go

If there are any on this list you’d like me to keep on the music page/sample player, please let me know and I’ll consider it! (More convincing if you let me know why.)

1 Response to “Music Page”

  • WHAT!?

    Let Go was my favourite! I listened to all the sample music again and they were all still good. Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the quality or a song being too old. If you feel the quality is iffy then can I ask if you are going to replace them with a newer version?

    They should all stay up!! (unless you are replacing them.)

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