Reitaisai 8!

Hello everyone! I’m still alive! ??????

The other weekend on May 1st was a doujin music event called “M3”. I really wanted to go but I had to decide between that or Reitaisai. In the end, I chose Reitaisai. Though I really wished I could have gone to M3, Reitaisai was great!

So, I went to Reitaisai yesterday for the first time! It was a lot of fun. This time I helped ddiction at (?-18b) out a little. I was also able to enter early thanks to a couple friends, and I’m very grateful!
It was really interesting to see the set-up process. Though I was able to visit many friends’ booths using the extra time in the morning, I had many more to meet! There were some people I finally met for the first time. I was really happy!

I unexpectedly ended up busier than I thought I would be, but I still enjoyed it. I’m a bit regretful that I wasn’t able to help the booth out more than I thought I would be able to.

I ended up arriving at home a little late and was very tired, but I still felt so excited. ?????

I think one day I would really love to also participate in events like Reitaisai with a music circle one day! Even as a guest vocalist, I would be so happy. I hope I can find members for my music circle. ?????

I really enjoyed Reitaisai!

Everyone, good work!!

(Also, I found that there are some karaoke places with JOYSOUND in a city near me. Yay!)

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