【RENKO】 生きて 【歌ってみた】

I recorded a new song today by ??P called ????? to express my support for those in Japan.

I’ve also updated the music/samples list with this song.


4 Responses to “【RENKO】 生きて 【歌ってみた】”

  • I woke up today remembering you were moving to Japan soon, so I immediately came to check to see if you were okay.

    Thank god you are, but more importantly, thank you… my friend who was there needs to see this, everyone does.

    I hope the people you know there are okay too, Renko. ;;

  • Thanks so much for your concern. I’m okay, I haven’t moved to Japan yet. I’m going to go soon, I think.

    You’re very welcome. So far, I think everyone there that I know is okay..!

  • aaa omg this was so pretty
    it was also very nice of you to pick this song in dedication for japan as one of your last songs before moving!
    can’t wait to hear your other two too!!

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