Singing Stream on UST – USTライブ

Hey, so there will be a live stream performance thing this weekend! It’s sort of practice for me, but I thought it would be nice to set it up properly instead of doing it impromptu.

The following dates/times are in U.S. PST and Japan time:
Date: February 12 ???????
Time/??: 4:00pm ????????????????????
Starting time/??????: 4:30pm ??????

Time is subject to change, but if it does, it will just be later in the evening.
Hope some of you guys can make it! Feel free to hop in if you get on past the start time, as it should last at least a couple hours or so. When it ends, I’ll be posting about it right after, anyways.

Sample song list, in no order / ???????:
Just Be Friends – Megurine Luka / ????
Candy?Boy – MEILIN
Platinum / ?????? – Sakamoto Maaya / ????

edit: The live has finished, thanks for coming! (10:00pm PST) ????????????????????????

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