Links Update!

I’ve updated the links with two new websites. Both are from Kimino-Museum. One belongs to ??????? and the other to PHEVOTT.

I’ve also reorganized the links section by sorting by personal, Kimino-Museum, and other links (of friends, of course)! For now, I am going with “01, 02, 03” or else naming them as they are would put them out of order… It’d make me feel weird.

There are a couple more people I may be adding soon, or at some point relatively soon, but I don’t know if I should call attention towards the links section as I update it. I think it’s a little nice to recognize them, but yeahhhh… What do you guys think?

edit: I have a link banner now in the “About” page and side bar, yay! Thanks LS!
I’ve also added a new link to 32 fl. oz and cherry?bombs.

3 Responses to “Links Update!”

  • How organised! I don’t think I have seen another place which organises the link section with numbers.

  • @Daikon
    I guess.. I wanted to organize it a bit or else I’d have a ton of links off on the side. It wouldn’t be nice if I linked only some on the right side and then the rest on a Links page. I may have to do it some day.. but for now, doing it this way is a bit nicer, I think!

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