Anime Expo 2010 Report

Oh man, this is so late and I’m starting to forget what happened already. Sorry!!

This Anime Expo was pretty eventful and lots of fun. I was able to see a lot of good friends, meet REDALiCE, and make new friends. I think I had some cell phone photos, but I don’t remember where I put ’em, so we’ll see what happens with that, haha.

Oh yes, and I’ve set up something that will auto-tweet my blog updates.. whenever they happen… ;;

Day 0
I arrived in the afternoon and went straight over to the Dealer’s Hall to help Hen Da Ne set up, since this year I went in as an exhibitor and wanted to help out. I only dealt with the doujin game/music and Touhou section, though!

Chris assigned me and another guy to put Touhou doujin stuffs in alphabetical order and what not, then later ran into Box Kat and my friend, Hokan. I saw Sam on that day, too, I think?? I received a present from Japan, as well. ????? ?

At night, I met up with Miluda, Rabid Potato, and Brad, and I also helped with set up in the karaoke room in the Westin. I managed to sign up for the waiting list for karaoke contest, as well, at the last minute.

Day 1
For the first time in years, I decided to cosplay on Day 1. It was a bit tiring as a result, but still a lot of fun! I did a lot of helping with the booth and posing for customers with the giant Marisa fumo fumo doll and Marisa puppet. .. It was very heavy. I kept bugging a friend I met at Sakuracon ’09, Sam, and I think I met Audi later in the day. I didn’t talk to Audi much until Day 4, though, I think.

I was able to see Kurot on this day, too, as well as a couple other days later on. I’m really glad she can make these California conventions. ?????

The contest went well. A girl from Japan competed and was very amazing. (?´?`?) It was not surprising to see her win first place! My friend, Brad, finally won 2nd place, which was an amazing feeling, as well. I’m really proud. As for me, I placed 3rd, which is pretty nice for having entered at the last minute (I used lyrics in the semifinals for the first time in my life, too). I’ll try not to be so last minute with karaoke contest next time, haha.

I was also able to chat with the girl for a while. She’s fun to talk to.

I believe Canon joined us on this day, as well.

Day 2
Touhou Day!! (°? °)!

The gathering went well, though I felt bad that I accidentally set it during the same time as the Macross F concert. When I heard who the special guest was, I was kind of disappointed, but ah, well! (YOKO KANNO?! ?(????)! )I didn’t want to ditch the gathering I was in charge of like that.

Later that night, we went to HARDCORE SYNERGY and saw REDALiCE DJing. There was a group of us Touhou cosplayers there, so it was pretty fun and amusing. I really enjoyed DJ Schwarzenegger’s stuff, too. I also met a pretty cool Reisen cosplayer.

After the event was over, we got to see him again. Miluda and I were able to get his autograph, so that was pretty neat.

Day 3
Oh, gosh, what happened on this day? I think I was just roaming the Dealer’s Hall with my friends. We ran into REDALiCE again and took a photo with him, and then wandered around some more. Before the hall closed, the booth people called me over to take a group photo with them. I felt really happy. (´?`)

Was Last Comic Standing’s final round on this day? I went to that for the first time. It wasn’t too bad. I was there to cheer on Tom, though. I really enjoyed his spiel, honestly. It didn’t resort to a bunch of perverted jokes like the other comedians had.

Day 4
I think I was helping out in the booth most of the time on this day, though I also sat around someone else’s booth, oogling their artwork, haha. Someone approached me and asked if I had sung at Fanime’s Masquerade and I said yes. He showed me a rather amazing shot he had taken!

Fanime Masq '10

I went back to Hen Da Ne to help out as much as I could before the hall closed, also so that I could pester Chris, Sam, and Audi. I left a little before the hall closed to have some delicious prime rib sandwiches with Miluda, Rabid Potato, Brad, Moondabor, Nobu, Lyfiel, Tim, Lisu, and a few others.

Delicious! ?????

Then we went home and later headed out for a neat BBQ party. Delicious cheeseburgers.

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