Anime Expo 2010

A very late post, but I’ll be going to Anime Expo this year.

I’ll be helping out at the Hen Da Ne booth on and off in the dealer’s hall throughout the convention, so feel free to ask for me. I’ll also be trying to sign up for the karaoke contest since I last minutedly decided to compete, haha.

If not that, I’ll be hanging around the karaoke room in the Westin from time to time.

There’s also a Touhou Gathering that I will be attending!

See you guys there!!

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  • The Hen Da Ne guys are awesome! I got all of the Melty Blood and Ragnarok Battle Offline games from them in different conventions in TX. If it wasn’t for them, I would never have found physical copies of the games!

  • I liked the part where all of us were oiled and wrestling on your hotel beds.

    That was the best part of AX.

  • @JB2X
    Yeah, they’re super cool and super nice people!

    Oh my, oh myyyy.

  • I was working hen da ne, the asian with the marisa hat on the doujin end. were you perchance the marisa cosplayer?

  • hanging out with that sakura alice girl and that letty/koakuma white girl with glasses

  • @Haitei Raoyue
    Yep! I was the Marisa that was helping out at the Touhou/doujin games/music end of the table, haha.

  • Hi! I was wondering, what songs did you sing during the karaoke contest at AX? I was there to view your solos and I thought it was fantastic!

  • @Remy
    Heyo! Hmmmm…!
    Prelims: Just Be Friends (Vocaloid)
    Semifinals: A Native Face (blazin’ house remix) (Touhou Project – Hatsunetsumiko’s)
    Finals: Final Distance (Utada Hikaru)

    I’m glad you enjoyed it! :V

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