A Big Update

Hey, everyone! ? ?????

So I finally got into gear and created some video accounts, which I had been meaning to for some time now.

First off is my new YouTube account, “Renkyoku“, since “Renko” was taken and I couldn’t make a neat pun like “Renkoe”, so I decided “Renkyoku” would work out. The layout and theme colors for it are still in progress! I haven’t filled out the profile details, either, yet! Haha… ?(´?`)?

The other account is a Nico Nico Douga account, which is simply named “Renko“. I also took some time to learn how to go about uploading videos and doing more things than just watching videos there. I’ll take the time to add profile details to that account as well. I don’t know how to link my account profile directly, so if there is a way, please let me know!! ?T?T)

I hope to be active and start on new recordings. (Well, I SHOULD be doing this, haha.)

In other news, the website has been updated with a neat MP3 player, so now there is one on the sidebar and one in the Music page tab. The latter actually lists the playlist and will consist of the full versions of the sample songs. I hope you guys find it as neat, fun, and convenient as I do!

I also have a Twitter account here, so feel free to follow me!

Please take care of me!


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