Super Idol Follow-up

I didn’t make it to the next round, but that’s okay! I feel pretty content, though just a bit tired as the event took quite a long time. Someone I met made it through, so I am glad for her! She did really well. In fact, she was at the top of the rankings of scores of the top 25. Some people who made it were not there in person, though, so I thought that was weird.

It really is too bad that in these kinds of contests, they don’t give you any real feedback so you really don’t know what to do better next time, but that’s okay. I think I should properly send out auditions instead. These kinds of contests aren’t quite my thing.

In the long run, it was a lot of fun.

Hey, so, does the Japanese community have these kinds of things as well over in California, I wonder? That would be neat, though I never hear about it.

I also got free stuff (dumpling soy sauce, a jar of something, a bottle of tea, and a free shirt..), and also grabbed a free shirt that was being thrown. New pajamas, I guess? Haha. I have 2-3 other bottles of tea from this event, seriously… omnomnom.

Also, I wish everyone in the top 26 luck in making it to Taiwan!!!

5 Responses to “Super Idol Follow-up”

  • Yay free stuff! Sure is a nice experience to be in a contest since you get to meet new people!

  • I’m really curious about that jar of something. Make a label for it saying “Keep away from Chen” with a circle-slashed image of Chen’s face. I have a feeling it will at least give it some comedic effect.

  • @Daikon
    Yaeehh! Free stuff!!!

    Hurrr, tempting, but I’m sure it’s some kind of pickled vegetables-type thing. I’ll let you know what it tastes like.

  • I made it to the semifinals but I was rejected too. They never give any comments so you don’t know what you did wrong. 🙁

  • @Johnny
    Oh..! Hey, there. Good work on making it to semifinals, at the very least. Haha.

    Yeahh, it’s really too bad they never tell you what they liked or disliked, so it’s always hard to figure out how to improve.

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