Cherry Blossom Festival

Just a brief post about it just in case some people I vanished off the face of the Earth for whatever reason. :U

Cherry Blossom Festival was a blast, though it blasted me with a light raccoon tan as well… but yes! I hope everyone enjoyed the event. I didn’t actually get to look around at everything, but that was fine. I got a few things to nibble on and wandered around with some friends who came by. I was very happy to see the ones that came to watch the performance.

I was so exhausted… so I didn’t go to the second day to watch the Animaid Cafe’s Lolita Fashion Show since I didn’t need to be there for any performances. Turns out I missed some old friends as a result!! Darn.

But my feet were really killing me… I had gone to Disneyland to take 2 middle school students out on an adveeenture. Nah, I was just helping someone out. Either way, it was rather crowded that day. It was more lines and waiting times than it was visually crowded, though, so that was kind of weird. We saw Captain Eo and that was kind of embarrassing, yet super awesome. I would go see it again, haha… but I had one hour of sleep before I went to Disneyland because of several unexpected events, so you can see why I was dead by the previous week’s Sunday. Oh man. Remind me never to do that ever again.

I’ll probably go to California Adventure sometime before mid-May, though.

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