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Finally covered a song, lol.



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C82 Report! 夏コミ82レポート!

I can’t believe summer Comiket has already come and gone. Is it already over? Really? I don’t believe it. I feel like I’m still getting ready for C82!

Everyone, good work!

How was everyone’s Comiket? I hope everyone enjoyed it!

I definitely enjoyed it!

I… I still can’t believe we’ve released our 2nd full album… Did we really release our 2nd album? Really? It’s not a dream, is it…? Someone pinch me!

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On August 11, 2012 at Comic Market 82, ORANGE★JAM will be releasing limited pair Mokou and Kaguya bookmarks, drawn and handmade by the wonderful guest artist, Pii! Handmade!? U゜w゜)!?

If you buy the CD, “love montblanc”, you can get one Mokou AND Kaguya bookmark! (Limited to first 30 CDs ☆ limit 1 pair per person! (stock limit: 30 pairs))

2012年8月11日のコッミクマーケット82でORANGE★JAMが限られたの妹紅と輝夜のペアブックマークをリリースする!イラストとブックマークがは素敵なゲストイラストさん、ぴいさん、手作ったんだです!ハンドメード!? U゜w゜)!?

「love montblanc」を買うなら一対妹紅と輝夜のブックマークあげる!(30対限定☆お1人様一対まで!(ストック限定:30対

Isn’t it cute?? 可愛いでしょう!?



  • love montblanc ★ 1000 yen (New!) (Special!: 1 pair of Mokou and Kaguya bookmarks per purchase! (stock limit: 30 pairs))
  • so-matic ★ 1000 yen
  • Event Only! Button Pins (each) ★ 200 yen (stock: Marisa, Alice)



  • love montblanc ★ 1000円 (新作!)スペシャル!一対てるもこブックマークあげます!(ストックリミット:30対)
  • so-matic ★ 1000円
  • イベントオンリー!缶バッジ(1個) ★ 200円 (ストック:魔理沙アリス

Again, I will be attending the event in person! So please come say hello to me!

ORANGE★JAM’s 2nd Full Album!: 「love montblanc」

ORANGE★JAM presents: 「love montblanc」, its 2nd Full Album!

ORANGE★JAM will be releasing its 2nd full album, 「love montblanc」, at Summer Comiket 82 on Day 2 (August 11, 2012)! Please stop by the album page for more information!

There are also two guest artists for the booklet this time: 黒兎 and ぴい!
There’s one guest lyricist: 723 (Kimi no Museum)

ORANGE★JAMの2ndアルバムは「love montblanc」です!C82最新作です!夏コミ82の2日目(8月11日)で参加します!特設ページに見ててくださいね!


FELT’s “Little Planet” (C82)

Hey, everyone!

A new piece of good news for you all!

FELT’s 8th full album, “Little Planet”, is going to be released at Summer Comiket (C82) on August 11, 2012!
FELTの8作目アルバム「Little Planet」は今回の夏コミ82の2目日発売します!!

This time I have written lyrics for two songs for track 3 and 7, “Once Upon a Love” and “Sweet Poison”.
“In The End” gets an amazing remix for track 4, a Paralleled Resonance Version! Again, the amazing Maurits”神”Cornelis arranged the tracks and the lovely Vivienne provided the vocals.
今回二つの歌詞を書きました!3番、7番の曲です!4番の曲は”In The End (Paralleled Resonance version)”です!レミックスです!

“Once Upon a Love” – 東方花映塚より  “六十年目の東方裁判 ~ Fate of Sixty Years” (Yamaxanadu Shikieki)
Lyrics: Renko
Vocals: Vivienne
Chorus: Vivienne & W.nova
Arrange: Maurits”神”Cornelis
“Once Upon a Love” is about how when you fall in love, that world easily becomes just something for you and the person you love. That’s what becomes colorful, but there are many things that aren’t just “black and white”… It’s important to be there for that person and that love will add those wonderful colors to your life. While the love you had might have been endless before, that person still stays on your mind. This doesn’t mean you aren’t together anymore, though! But you definitely have nothing to fear with someone by your side.

“Sweet Poison” – 東方文花帖より  “風の循環 ~ Wind Tour”” (Shameimaru Aya)
Lyrics: Renko
Vocals: Vivienne
Chorus: Vivienne & W.nova
Arrange: Maurits”神”Cornelis
“Sweet Poison” is about how love is the sweetest poison. Even though things are dim and dark, even though you can’t see any future, you still fall for it and become so addicted. Nothing else can compare to that feeling. Though it doesn’t always mean that it’s a .. bad.. poison per se. Either way, you fall and you fall and it falls farther and farther from your reach. But, ah, it’s so bittersweet… You just want to drown yourself in it… Doesn’t this remind you a little of a previous song..?

I’m just as excited about this release as last time, and I’m very happy to work with FELT again. I’m so fortunate! Their music is always so great to listen to. It’s always expressive and wonderful…

Please be sure to stop by the album’s page to have a look!