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Links Update!

I’ve updated the links with two new websites. Both are from Kimino-Museum. One belongs to ??????? and the other to PHEVOTT.

I’ve also reorganized the links section by sorting by personal, Kimino-Museum, and other links (of friends, of course)! For now, I am going with “01, 02, 03” or else naming them as they are would put them out of order… It’d make me feel weird.

There are a couple more people I may be adding soon, or at some point relatively soon, but I don’t know if I should call attention towards the links section as I update it. I think it’s a little nice to recognize them, but yeahhhh… What do you guys think?

edit: I have a link banner now in the “About” page and side bar, yay! Thanks LS!
I’ve also added a new link to 32 fl. oz and cherry?bombs.

Anime Expo 2010 Report

Oh man, this is so late and I’m starting to forget what happened already. Sorry!!

This Anime Expo was pretty eventful and lots of fun. I was able to see a lot of good friends, meet REDALiCE, and make new friends. I think I had some cell phone photos, but I don’t remember where I put ’em, so we’ll see what happens with that, haha.

Oh yes, and I’ve set up something that will auto-tweet my blog updates.. whenever they happen… ;;
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