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Anime Expo 2010

A very late post, but I’ll be going to Anime Expo this year.

I’ll be helping out at the Hen Da Ne booth on and off in the dealer’s hall throughout the convention, so feel free to ask for me. I’ll also be trying to sign up for the karaoke contest since I last minutedly decided to compete, haha.

If not that, I’ll be hanging around the karaoke room in the Westin from time to time.

There’s also a Touhou Gathering that I will be attending!

See you guys there!!

Kiseki (奇跡)

Hooray, a second video!! This time it’s a collaboration between Alex W. (on the piano!) and I. It’s a present for Miluda. Hope you guys enjoy it~
Music page player and sidebar sample player updated, as well!


Fanime 2010

Oh, wow, I totally put off updating about this convention. My bad!

Let’s see, I guess I will just go day by day and highlight stuff, I suppose!

First off, though, I got my lovely business cards, at last, and handed out many of them at the convention!
Renko Business Card - courtesy of Walfas
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