Monthly Archive for March, 2010

Cherry Blossom Festival

Heyo! So the ustream live hasn’t quite happened yet, but I’m here to announce that I will be performing live at the J-pop Stage for the Cherry Blossom Festival in Little Tokyo (Los Angeles) on April 10.

I am performing under the Animaid Cafe’s time slot so it will only be a 10 minute performance, but I hope those of you in the area come to watch and support me!

The Animaid Cafe’s performance starts at 1:45pm and lasts about an hour. I don’t know where I am in the line-up, but come see them anyways! I’ll probably be one of the very few (or the only one) mingling with the maids and hosts in a different attire.

When: April 10, 1:45pm (my slot is approx 2:40pm-3:00pm? But feel free to come earlier and hang out/watch the show.)
Where: Little Tokyo (Los Angeles, California) @ the J-Pop Stage


Okaaay, so I still haven’t set up a day for the ustream yet, but a pixiv artist I know, inuzuka-san, listened to one of my sporadic ones and asked if she could draw Renko.

The other day I received the image, and here we have it! (Renko in anime style!)
Renko by inuzuka_b; those shorts are so cute!
I was very happy to see someone do their rendition of Renko. It’s so cute and stylish. (I usually draw Renko with a tie, too!)

Thank you so much, inuzuka-san! ???????????????????????????


From 1:00am – 7:40am, I held a spontaneous ustream session. Thank you for those who came and listened! Some day I will set an actual time and link to my ustream show ahead of time so that those of you who visit this website may join in!

Today’s ustream was fun, thank you everyone!