Monthly Archive for February, 2010

Hello, I’m still alive!

And I hope you guys had an enjoyable Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year! It’s the year of the Tiger.. Shoooouuuuuu!!!

I’ve been having a pretty wacky sleeping schedule.. well.. weirder than usual, but I have been trying to fix it. Meanwhile, I should be looking for a job or something, but it’s kind of tough. Better put that resume together and fix it up.. or apply for a lot of jobs that don’t need a resume for the time being.

I am still thinking of doing some kind of live streaming singing thing.. I’d like to know who would be interested? It would be on ustream so that no one has to download anything. Might be sort of a “listen to Renko practice so that she’ll concentrate of practicing” thing.. haha.. I know a lot of artists who do that with their drawing.

Anyhow, hope you guys are all doing well.. and thanks for coming by!

edit: Wow, I just realized it had been a month since I last updated.. aaahh!!