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Uh, whoa, people are looking at this website through clicks from Walfas’ website (from when I comment). I’m a bit surprised, because suddenly I went from a pretty low daily average to 48, to 115 128 views (and counting) today.

I feel like I should actually update and record or something now that people are sort of looking, haha..

Anyway, hello to the ones taking a peek here! ( ???)??

I apologize for the lack of content at the moment. (´???)??

Walfas and the Weather

Recently Walfas came to visit, so it’s been a lot of fun taking them to places such as Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure, and In-N-Out. I took them to several food places, too, that I’ve shown friends (that were not from the area) and they had loved. Walfas made a pretty lengthy post about it, so I’m sure there were some people who wandered over from that post.. I think?
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Happy New Year!

I know I’m late, but Happy New Year everyone! ????????????????