Monthly Archive for December, 2009


Merry Christmas, everyone!

Today’s my birthday!! (?´?`?)



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C77 “Palette”

Hello, everyone!

I have received a bit of bad news.
I am sorry to inform all of you that I will not be a guest vocalist in Kimino-Museum’s “Palette” for Winter Comiket 77. It was a combination of difficulty in communication being overseas (on both sides), being harried in deadlines, and that the group realized that the song they gave me was not tailored to my vocals. It was an unfortunate situation but it was understandable.

I enjoyed the experience in working with them, and I think this will better serve the both of us in any future works.

Please forgive any inconvenience, and be sure to support them!




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I am planning to stream a live performance on a weekend (not Christmas weekend). I’ll try to work out the details as soon as I can!


For the English speakers who may be going to Comiket 77, Kimino-Museum will be there on Day 2 (12/30) at ?-38ab!

Palette [E]

For Comiket 77, I will actually be involved in the Kimino-Museum Palette CD! The track list is up at the Kimino-Museum Palette page now!
I’m track number 9 on the first CD entitled “Konjaku Gensokyo ~Flower Land”. It translates into “Past and Present Gensokyo ~Flower Land”. But it’s really exciting. This is my first time working on a doujin CD, and my first time working with others in music for the longest time. I’m really happy.

And so, today, I’m opening the website (i.e. openly linking it), haha~ The official opening date is December 5th, because I want it to coincide with the track list release date. (It’s December 5th in Japan!)

Welcome to my website! Please take care of me from now on!

Palette [J]

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