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Final Distance

Here is the first song/video update! The music page and sidebar players have been updated as well.



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A Big Update

Hey, everyone! ? ?????

So I finally got into gear and created some video accounts, which I had been meaning to for some time now.

First off is my new YouTube account, “Renkyoku“, since “Renko” was taken and I couldn’t make a neat pun like “Renkoe”, so I decided “Renkyoku” would work out. The layout and theme colors for it are still in progress! I haven’t filled out the profile details, either, yet! Haha… ?(´?`)?

The other account is a Nico Nico Douga account, which is simply named “Renko“. I also took some time to learn how to go about uploading videos and doing more things than just watching videos there. I’ll take the time to add profile details to that account as well. I don’t know how to link my account profile directly, so if there is a way, please let me know!! ?T?T)

I hope to be active and start on new recordings. (Well, I SHOULD be doing this, haha.)

In other news, the website has been updated with a neat MP3 player, so now there is one on the sidebar and one in the Music page tab. The latter actually lists the playlist and will consist of the full versions of the sample songs. I hope you guys find it as neat, fun, and convenient as I do!

I also have a Twitter account here, so feel free to follow me!

Please take care of me!



Uh, whoa, people are looking at this website through clicks from Walfas’ website (from when I comment). I’m a bit surprised, because suddenly I went from a pretty low daily average to 48, to 115 128 views (and counting) today.

I feel like I should actually update and record or something now that people are sort of looking, haha..

Anyway, hello to the ones taking a peek here! ( ???)??

I apologize for the lack of content at the moment. (´???)??

Palette [E]

For Comiket 77, I will actually be involved in the Kimino-Museum Palette CD! The track list is up at the Kimino-Museum Palette page now!
I’m track number 9 on the first CD entitled “Konjaku Gensokyo ~Flower Land”. It translates into “Past and Present Gensokyo ~Flower Land”. But it’s really exciting. This is my first time working on a doujin CD, and my first time working with others in music for the longest time. I’m really happy.

And so, today, I’m opening the website (i.e. openly linking it), haha~ The official opening date is December 5th, because I want it to coincide with the track list release date. (It’s December 5th in Japan!)

Welcome to my website! Please take care of me from now on!

Palette [J]

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Header.. banner thing..

I thought it looked a little naked so I added some oranges with Walfas’ help. It’s really cute, tumbling oranges that is…

I still need to get cracking on making a YouTube and NicoNico Douga account. I am hoping to do some recording today, too. I almost thought I was getting sick until now. I feel much better, but there are people in the house making noise!


Perhaps I’ll try to do my best to update this place? Would daily be way too ambitious? Every other day? When I feel like it? (Okay, that last one, I’d definitely become forgetful..)

The website’s kind of limbo-ing between being open and not, but overall, a lot of the small stuff is in place. I did put in some music content, but I should probably make more samples or something.. make a new nico nico account, a new YouTube account.

So… the website still needs a lot of work, but I can’t drag it on forever, either…! I’ll try to get those things done soon.


This website is slowly, slooowly pulling itself together. I’ve finally been able to add samples to the Music page. Hooray for progress!

edit: Hey, I just noticed that it’s been a month since the website started, haha…

Hello world!

And thus the website was born. :V