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Kiseki (奇跡)

Hooray, a second video!! This time it’s a collaboration between Alex W. (on the piano!) and I. It’s a present for Miluda. Hope you guys enjoy it~
Music page player and sidebar sample player updated, as well!


bark bark bark

Oh, gosh, I really should be more consistent about updating… haha.

Anyhow, my friend, LittleShrimp, and I recently talked about some Touhou stuff and mascot stuff. She already knew of Mils, but then became familiar with Renko. She went ahead and drew Renko… then followed that up with huge amounts of Renko! It’s amazingly cute. I thought I’d share it with everyone. (????)

Thanks, LS. bark bark bark bark bark!!!

bow wow

bow wow

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Okaaay, so I still haven’t set up a day for the ustream yet, but a pixiv artist I know, inuzuka-san, listened to one of my sporadic ones and asked if she could draw Renko.

The other day I received the image, and here we have it! (Renko in anime style!)
Renko by inuzuka_b; those shorts are so cute!
I was very happy to see someone do their rendition of Renko. It’s so cute and stylish. (I usually draw Renko with a tie, too!)

Thank you so much, inuzuka-san! ???????????????????????????