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Kiseki (奇跡)

Hooray, a second video!! This time it’s a collaboration between Alex W. (on the piano!) and I. It’s a present for Miluda. Hope you guys enjoy it~
Music page player and sidebar sample player updated, as well!


Fanime 2010

Oh, wow, I totally put off updating about this convention. My bad!

Let’s see, I guess I will just go day by day and highlight stuff, I suppose!

First off, though, I got my lovely business cards, at last, and handed out many of them at the convention!
Renko Business Card - courtesy of Walfas
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Final Distance

Here is the first song/video update! The music page and sidebar players have been updated as well.


bark bark bark

Oh, gosh, I really should be more consistent about updating… haha.

Anyhow, my friend, LittleShrimp, and I recently talked about some Touhou stuff and mascot stuff. She already knew of Mils, but then became familiar with Renko. She went ahead and drew Renko… then followed that up with huge amounts of Renko! It’s amazingly cute. I thought I’d share it with everyone. (????)

Thanks, LS. bark bark bark bark bark!!!

bow wow

bow wow

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Food, San Diego, and Crazy Drivers

Yesterday, I took a drive down to San Diego to visit a good friend of mine while dropping something off with him. The lunch we had at Nozomi was pretty good, although I think dinner at Tajima blew it straight out of the water. Delicious ramen at a deliciously good price… And you can add grated garlic, to boot! It really brings out more flavor in the ramen, though the Tajima Original flavor (Tonkotsu, I believe) was already tasty to the point of happiness. ?????~???

They had Katsudon or something there, too, so I hope I can try that some time… but I am very much inclined to order the ramen, still.

I got some stuff done here and there while I was there, too, and I had a pretty good time. I’ll continue working on tidbits today if I’m not too tired… Someone suddenly called me out and took me to the thrift store to look for cosplay items.

… Not to mention the fact that driving one way to or from San Diego is about 2 hours long or more. I drove back at night and I had already been tired cause I got up at 8:00am. I’m glad I wasn’t really drowsy and got some tapioca milk tea at Tapioca Express so I had something to sip and chew on if I felt the need to do something to prevent possible sleepiness. To and from San Diego, there were some big SUVs that had amazingly strong headlights or high beam lights in the day and night and at night, one decided to follow me obnoxiously for a period of time. Then there was this minivan with some family and kids watching a DVD that tried to out-speed me or something weird. (Drivers are getting kind of aggressive here, more than usual!)

??_?? I don’t know.

Fanime and Anime Expo

Well, not much has been going on lately. I signed up for Fanime 2010’s Karaoke Contest for fun, though… I already won in ’08, but it doesn’t hurt to do it again. They even have more spots for contestants this year, so I don’t feel so bad about taking up a spot.

Oh, I don’t know if I will do AX Idol 2010, though. We’ll seeeeee…

Super Idol Follow-up

I didn’t make it to the next round, but that’s okay! I feel pretty content, though just a bit tired as the event took quite a long time. Someone I met made it through, so I am glad for her! She did really well. In fact, she was at the top of the rankings of scores of the top 25. Some people who made it were not there in person, though, so I thought that was weird.

It really is too bad that in these kinds of contests, they don’t give you any real feedback so you really don’t know what to do better next time, but that’s okay. I think I should properly send out auditions instead. These kinds of contests aren’t quite my thing.

In the long run, it was a lot of fun.

Hey, so, does the Japanese community have these kinds of things as well over in California, I wonder? That would be neat, though I never hear about it.

I also got free stuff (dumpling soy sauce, a jar of something, a bottle of tea, and a free shirt..), and also grabbed a free shirt that was being thrown. New pajamas, I guess? Haha. I have 2-3 other bottles of tea from this event, seriously… omnomnom.

Also, I wish everyone in the top 26 luck in making it to Taiwan!!!

HTTV USA’s Super Idol Competition (semifinals)

So, uh, on Sunday I did the audition for this competition, which gives the winner a recording contract in Taiwan.

So.. uhm.. I made it into HTTV USA’s SuperIdol Competition’s semifinals round! I totally thought I didn’t make it in because only one judge said anything. I did a Japanese song but I wonder if I should sing in English or Chinese this coming round. No clue.. but I need to be on my toes for sure this time.

It’s another a capella round but for at least 3 minutes a person, haha.. Gosh, I’m excited.

Apparently the finalist that get voted most popular online gets an iPhone so I will post about that, too, if I make it. Finals are the day right after Semifinals.. Geeeh.

If there are those of you in the Southern California area that I know, the Semifinals allows people to bring signs and boards to support the competitors. Feel free to come and watch! But yes, the Semifinals are at a the Chinese Cultural Center in El Monte, California. (??????: 9443 Telstar Ave. El Monte CA 91731)

The competition starts at 10:00am, though I have to be there earlier for check-in.

Please let me know if you can make it and I’ll figure it out ( I hope)! I don’t want to be there alone like I had been during auditions, haha. I’m contestant #232, though there are only 100 competitors for this round.

For those of you who can’t make it, I believe HTTV USA will broadcast it at some point on channel 62.2. I don’t know when it will be aired, though…

Hope I can do it!


Cherry Blossom Festival

Just a brief post about it just in case some people I vanished off the face of the Earth for whatever reason. :U

Cherry Blossom Festival was a blast, though it blasted me with a light raccoon tan as well… but yes! I hope everyone enjoyed the event. I didn’t actually get to look around at everything, but that was fine. I got a few things to nibble on and wandered around with some friends who came by. I was very happy to see the ones that came to watch the performance.

I was so exhausted… so I didn’t go to the second day to watch the Animaid Cafe’s Lolita Fashion Show since I didn’t need to be there for any performances. Turns out I missed some old friends as a result!! Darn.

But my feet were really killing me… I had gone to Disneyland to take 2 middle school students out on an adveeenture. Nah, I was just helping someone out. Either way, it was rather crowded that day. It was more lines and waiting times than it was visually crowded, though, so that was kind of weird. We saw Captain Eo and that was kind of embarrassing, yet super awesome. I would go see it again, haha… but I had one hour of sleep before I went to Disneyland because of several unexpected events, so you can see why I was dead by the previous week’s Sunday. Oh man. Remind me never to do that ever again.

I’ll probably go to California Adventure sometime before mid-May, though.


Okaaay, so I still haven’t set up a day for the ustream yet, but a pixiv artist I know, inuzuka-san, listened to one of my sporadic ones and asked if she could draw Renko.

The other day I received the image, and here we have it! (Renko in anime style!)
Renko by inuzuka_b; those shorts are so cute!
I was very happy to see someone do their rendition of Renko. It’s so cute and stylish. (I usually draw Renko with a tie, too!)

Thank you so much, inuzuka-san! ???????????????????????????