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A Series of Updates~


I know I haven’t been regularly updating the website. U。w゜)

I’m trying to write up some stuff that’s happened since December. I get a little lazy about it, but I really want to post more, even about silly stuff.

I haven’t even posted about the other albums I’ve been involved in helping recently, either… oops! U^q^)

I’ll try to write the entries in Japanese, too, when I can. Please forgive my poor Japanese! orz



ごめんね!ゆっくり12月からの事を書きたいですw 色々あったから全部ブローグに入りたいな!大切な思い出、意味は無いの思い出w

最近手伝うのアルバム事も発表しませんだな!おっとw U^q^)

後もエントリを日本語で書いて見ます。下手な日本語ゆるしてくださいねww orz

Comiket 80 and Reitaisai SP2


I know I haven’t been too active in updating, but I’m still around!

I had planned on posting about Comiket 80 and Reitaisai SP2 in detail but I got a little lazy, even though I wrote up some of it. I wanted it in Japanese, too, but it’s a lot to translate with my poor Japanese, haha.

Either way, the “Blue Drop” CD from FELT and the  New HoriZUN 2 study guide I helped in were released during Comiket 80!

I went to Melonbooks at the end of Day 3 and I saw that “Blue Drop” was put with a sign of おすすめ(recommended) on it! I was so happy! FELT is a really wonderful music circle and I am really grateful for the opportunity to have worked with them.

I’m very happy that I got to see a lot of friends again, too, during Comiket 80 and Reitaisai SP2.

At Reitaisai SP2, I helped the circle, Fire Rabbit, which released cYsmix’s first album, “Orrery’s universe ~銀河系儀~”. It was fun! I had my Marisa cosplay from California, too.

The next event I will be at is 紅楼夢 (Koromu) in Osaka. I’ll be there for ddiction at[ 紅楼夢 6号館 B-24b]!

Moving to Japan

Hi, everyone!

I wanted to thank those of you who came to the Ustream live a couple weeks ago. It was a lot of fun and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

Soon I won’t be able to do Ustream lives as readily anymore. U???)

I have mentioned this vaguely once in a while through other mediums of communication on the internet, but I am announcing that I am moving to Japan on March 21. I’ve been hired to work as an ALT in the Ibaraki Prefecture.

I’m very excited for this opportunity to work and live in Japan, but it also means I will have some difficulty singing/practicing in my room, as the walls of my apartment will be very thin. I am also not sure on how I will handle getting recordings done without having to resort to renting a studio and finding a sound engineer to help monitor while I record. I’ll find a way somehow!

Either way, it’ll be an experience I look forward to. For those of you living in Japan, I look forward to seeing you again and meeting new friends! U´?`????






?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? U´?`????

Singing Stream on UST – USTライブ

Hey, so there will be a live stream performance thing this weekend! It’s sort of practice for me, but I thought it would be nice to set it up properly instead of doing it impromptu.

The following dates/times are in U.S. PST and Japan time:
Date: February 12 ???????
Time/??: 4:00pm ????????????????????
Starting time/??????: 4:30pm ??????

Time is subject to change, but if it does, it will just be later in the evening.
Hope some of you guys can make it! Feel free to hop in if you get on past the start time, as it should last at least a couple hours or so. When it ends, I’ll be posting about it right after, anyways.

Sample song list, in no order / ???????:
Just Be Friends – Megurine Luka / ????
Candy?Boy – MEILIN
Platinum / ?????? – Sakamoto Maaya / ????

edit: The live has finished, thanks for coming! (10:00pm PST) ????????????????????????

PSP games!

I recently bought a bunch of PSP games after holding off for so long. I haven’t played any of them yet, nor have I opened them, but I realized that my brand new copy of Prinny 2’s case already has a weird crack near the top-right corner in which it is missing a piece of plastic.

I’m really bothered by that, though I’m glad the UMD is okay… but.. the case… SIGH…

I got it from GameStop just a couple days ago, too, and none of my other PSP cases were damaged. Is there anything I could do about this? :T
I wonder if the case had already been on the brink of breaking and I just hadn’t realized it yet?

Anyways, these are the PSP games I got this time:
FF7: Crisis Core
Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!
Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines
Ys: The Oath in Felghana (premium edition)
Ys Seven (premium edition)

I also pre-ordered Dissidia 012! I haven’t started playing the first Dissidia yet, though……. U????

The latest Monster Hunter came out in Japan not long before I arrived for my winter trip, so a lot of people were either playing it or in the process of buying it. I’d like to play with them all if I could, but if a U.S. version came out, could I play with people using the Japanese version, I wonder? That’d be really nice.

I’ve never played any of the Monster Hunter games, so I’ve been tempted to at least play the most recent U.S. release on the PSP, but we’ll see.

Also, Patapon 3 is coming out soon! I kind of want it but I only recently opened my Patapon 2. I’m so slow… but it’s because I’ve been working on Patapon 1 still. I haven’t gotten enough mythril to forge the rest of the top tier weapons, so… yeah…

Much needed update! Derp.

Hey guys!

Yeah, I’ve been pretty bad about updating this website, but I’ve been around! The trip to Japan was loads of fun. I have been thinking about posting a report on it, but I’m not so sure yet. It was pretty cold. Cold by the standards of a resident southern Californian, that is.

Things have been rather busy on my end of things, though I really wished I could gather up some free time to record a song or two… I really miss doing that. I’ve had less opportunities for it since I work a full time job now.

In any case, as mentioned in the previous update, I’m still slowly updating the links section. At some point, I may just break it off into its own page… Waahhhh.

I have a lot of news to update about, but I’m not ready to release just yet, so I really appreciate your patience. I know there are a couple of people who kind of come back to this page, I think, and I do notice.

Did everyone have a good winter break/Christmas/holiday/New Year? The Lunar New Year is coming soon. I hope those of you who celebrate it get those neat red envelopes!

A belated ???????????



I’m still alive. Sorry for my long absence! I decided to at least update so that people know I’m still around and active. (Yeah, I’ve been working on some things, but it will be a little while before I can post anything up.)

I’ll be taking a trip to Japan today for a little while and attending Winter Comiket.

I’ve been updating my links side bar for a little while now, so be sure to stop by some of those pages if you can.

Hope everyone’s had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

Links Update!

I’ve updated the links with two new websites. Both are from Kimino-Museum. One belongs to ??????? and the other to PHEVOTT.

I’ve also reorganized the links section by sorting by personal, Kimino-Museum, and other links (of friends, of course)! For now, I am going with “01, 02, 03” or else naming them as they are would put them out of order… It’d make me feel weird.

There are a couple more people I may be adding soon, or at some point relatively soon, but I don’t know if I should call attention towards the links section as I update it. I think it’s a little nice to recognize them, but yeahhhh… What do you guys think?

edit: I have a link banner now in the “About” page and side bar, yay! Thanks LS!
I’ve also added a new link to 32 fl. oz and cherry?bombs.

Anime Expo 2010 Report

Oh man, this is so late and I’m starting to forget what happened already. Sorry!!

This Anime Expo was pretty eventful and lots of fun. I was able to see a lot of good friends, meet REDALiCE, and make new friends. I think I had some cell phone photos, but I don’t remember where I put ’em, so we’ll see what happens with that, haha.

Oh yes, and I’ve set up something that will auto-tweet my blog updates.. whenever they happen… ;;
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